Apex Legends Bangalore Hero Guide




Apex Legends Bangalore guide

Today we will be taking a look at the professional soldier of the game, Bangalore. We will give you all the interesting and useful information we can. 

We will start off with some lore

Bangalore was born in a military family and she has always showed natural talent in being a soldier. An interesting tidbit in the lore is that she can take apart a Peacekeeper, equip it with a Precision Choke hop-up and put it back together in under twenty seconds and all that while blindfolded. Overall she is the best soldier that anyone can ask for. Also something interesting is that her voice actor is Erica Luttrell who has done quite a lot of various work in games.

Bangalore is what most people will feel comfortable as playing if they never player this kind of shooter before. She can do almost anything just like a jack of all trades. She is quite good in battle because of her Smoke Launcher and the movement speed bonus from her passive makes her quite agile during gunfights. Her ultimate is perfect for forcing enemies to move out from their cover or from problematic areas and can deal quite a lot of damage if they stay around long enough to get hit by it.

Now let’s take a more in-depth kind look at the key part of every hero, the skills 

Like all heroes she has a Tactical Ability, Passive Ability and an Ultimate Ability and they are the following:

  1. Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher – Bangalore fires a high-velocity canister that explodes upon impact into a smoke screen. This ability can be used in various attack or defend situations, because of its versatility. It works wonders in tandem with some attachments and heroes in the game. Even for example if you want to return someone’s beacon to a respawn point just throw some smoke on top of it so that the enemy can’t see you.
    If you want to go on the offensive throw it right on top of them or in front so that you can obscure their vision and confuse them. If you want to be defensive throw it again in the direction the enemy is locate, but a tad closer to yourself you that you can be hidden.

  2. Passive Ability: Double Time – When Bangalore takes damage she starts moving faster for a brief time. This is as basic as an ability can get but don’t let its simplicity fool you, as it’s one of the most useful ones out there. If you want to attack with it, it’s quite good for a distance closer if you prefer a more up and personal approach. Also if you want to run away as fast as possible you can use it just holster your weapon and run away at max speed. Just don’t forget to use your sprint button otherwise it won’t activate.

  3. Ultimate ability: Rolling Thunder – Bangalore calls in an artillery strike that creeps slowly across the landscape. This one is best used when flushing out enemies from cover so that your team can advance on them for the kill. But don’t you think that’s the only thing it does, the damage that can be dealt with it is massive. If they are a tad slow or you supress them while the enemy tries to run away it can be used to kill them right away.

We recommend you use her together with a Bloodhound on the team as they are the perfect pair. Here are some useful tips on how to play Bangalore.

If Bloodhound has their ultimate you can just throw down the smoke and let your ally kill everyone without them even knowing from where. Also look out for the Digital Threat optics as you can use it to see enemies through the smoke. Lastly never forget to use it when reviving someone as the enemy will have to get right in your face to stop you and that can be perfect for you to trap them and get the kill. 

Bangalore is the type of hero that can be used for most defensive teams as well as attack ones so if you decide to master her you won’t feel left out in more serious games. Her style is for those people that prefer a bit of harassing as well as getting in and out of fights effortlessly. Even if you are a new player feel free to start off with her as she will definitely be both familiar to you and also a bit different so that you can get used to the game and skills overall.

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