Apex Legends Bloodhound Hero Guide



Apex Legends Bloodhound Hero Guide

Now we will take a look at the mysterious and awesome game hunter of the Apex Legends world, Bloodhound. This hero is quite interesting and unique to say the least, they are the only tracker class in the whole game for the moment. This makes them quite useful and a key component for any aggressive type team composition. Before we get into the skills of Bloodhound let’s check out some lore information even if it isn’t a lot since they are shrouded by mystery.

Bloodhound is known all over Outlands as the best game hunter there is and ever will be

Nobody knows their true identity even if there are quite a lot of rumours going around. Some of the state that Bloodhound is extremely wealthy, a former slave, a half bat hybrid or even just a plain old bloodthirsty murderer. Nobody knows for sure but what you can be sure of is that if Bloodhound wants to find you, they will. The motto of Bloodhound is that Dis a laid out path that eventually carries everyone to their death. Also if you are interested you can check out the voice actress that supplies Bloodhound’s voice called Allegra Clark.

And we will continue with information on the skills you can use with this character. As typical in the game they have a Tactical Ability, Passive Ability and Ultimate ability and they are the following:

  1. Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather – Bloodhound briefly reveals enemies, traps and clues through structures located in front of the player. This can be used to check building before you enter them so that you know they are secure for your team. But keep in mind it just gives you the current location of the enemy and traps and does not follow their movements so expect them to be close to where they were as people tend to move around in the game. This is incredibly useful for aggressive players because with a quick check you will know where to look when entering a building. Also remember to always ping where the enemy is when you reveal them.

  2. Passive Ability: Tracker – Bloodhound sees tracks left behind from enemies on the map. This ability is incredibly useful if you roam around the map looking for the next enemies to defeat. Also keep in mind that if you find useful tracks or other information you can ping it to your allies. Using this you can quickly navigate where to go as the tracks have time on them that shows how recent they are.

  3. Ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt – Bloodhound enhances their senses and allows you to move faster while highlighting your enemies in red. The ability lasts for 35 seconds but that is more than enough for a team fight. This ultimate is quite unique as would be expected from this character. While getting more movement speed you also see everyone around you.
    There is something to keep in mind though and that is that you don’t get damage reduction. Don’t try to go all in on your prey as they will melt you extremely fast. Use your ultimate to flank them and hit them from where they don’t expect.
    Also if you can try to make your team get a Bangalore as you two will be a match made in heaven. These two characters complement each other extremely well. When Bangalore throws down a smoke grenade, use your ultimate to find the enemies in the vicinity and destroy them. And lastly be careful in building as your ultimate does not allow you to see enemies through walls.

Bloodhound works extremely well with shotguns because of your skill kit

If you can always try to take a Peacekeeper, because when used together with the ultimate you can decimate enemy teams. Be careful when using your tactical ability as you will scream out when its activated and your enemy players will definitely hear you if they are attentive. 

When you can always use your ultimate from a bit farther away from enemies as lasts quite enough time and you can definitely reach them and flank them without worries. Lastly always keep an eye out on the clues as you can also find out what weapon composition the team you are tracking has. Also try to ping as much as possible during the game as that will help your team out in a lot of ways. 

If the hit and run playstyle fits you, try to get good with this character as you will definitely not regret it. Most players will always be happy to have a Bloodhound on their team, especially the aggressive ones as this makes them hunting down kills so much easier. 

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