Apex Legends Caustic hero guide




Caustic Hero guide

Today we will take a look at one of the purchasable characters in the game called Caustic. He is one of the most unique heroes currently implemented. He is mostly used for AOE situations as well as disorientating enemies with his gas. Before we jump into more information regarding his skills and how they can be utilized most proficiently we will check out his lore a little bit. We will do this for those of you out there that play heroes depending on their lore mainly.

Caustic, formerly known as Alexander Nox previously worked at Humber Labs, the leading manufacturer of pesticide gas which in the Apex world is used more than you would expect. As Humbert Labs were always on the hunt for better and more powerful gases they gave Alexander a lot of liberty with his experiments. He worked day and night to create and improve formulas, unfortunately as he was extremely passionate he needed living test subjects to experiment his new inventions. 

The more he worked the more he started to change. He started finding something beautiful in watching his creations destroy everything they touched. The head of Humber Labs discovered his secret experiments and decided to confront him. After said confrontation the Lab was discovered in flames with the head of the company found dead and Nox missing and presumed dead. After all this something new and terrifying appeared on the frontier that being Caustic. For those of you interested the character is voiced by the amazing JB Blanc! 

Now let us look at the amazingly interesting skills this character has in his arsenal

Tactical ability – Nox Gas Trap

Caustic drops canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies. This is not meant as a damaging ability, it is more like an awareness skill. They are perfect if you want to get notified when enemies enter a house or pass by a choke point. That is why always try to place them close to doors or choke points when creating a defensive area. 


To activate the canister an enemy has to pass by near it or you have to shoot it. Keep in mind that if you don’t like the placement of a specific canister you can always pick it up and set it up elsewhere. When they are placed you can see them through walls with a grey outline, which changes to green when they are triggered. That can be extremely useful for ambushing enemy teams. 


Something some players do is when they drop on a location with others is to deploy these canisters right away, which can help them kill enemies before they even see where you are, as the gas disrupts their vision.

Passive Ability – Nox Vision

Allows Caustic to see enemies through the gas. It is quite the useful ability paired with your tactical and ultimate one as you will have quite an advantage against the enemies. The usefulness of this ability is most clearly seen when enemies activate the canisters inside a building. When an enemy is caught in the gas you will see a green outline of them.

Ultimate ability – Nox Gas Grenade

Caustic blankets a large area in Nox gas. 

Now we will proceed with some tips and tricks that you might find useful when using this character

The best time to use his traps are during the early and late game periods. During the early stages players will always run around trying to find loot and will definitely not try to ignore the traps, which is really bad for them as you will have the advantage at that point. The late game usefulness is when you fill up the circle with traps which will make them really hard to ignore. Something else you can do is place canisters in the route of enemies that are running from the circle behind you. The best use of the canisters is to place them on door entrances as they block them. 

By doing this you can barricade yourself quite well in a building for example. Bloodhound is an amazing character to be paired up with as your skills complement each other quite well. That is because when Bloodhound uses their ultimate they will be able to see through the gas as well. 

Be careful of enemies that know what they are doing as they can destroy canisters without triggering them if they shoot the bottom part. Lastly the ultimate is not only an attack ability, think of it more like a smoke grenade that deal damage. The reason being is that it can be used for attacks on enemy teams as well as running away if needed. 

Hopefully you will find this guide useful, if you did feel free to message us at any time. We will be more than happy to hear any feedback you might have so that we can improve ourselves as much as we can. 

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