Full list of All champions in Apex legends. A short description of every character in game.

Apex legends champions list



Apex legends champions list

Today we will be taking a look at our favourite surprise hit and its amazingly interesting heroes. Apex Legends is the dark horse of the recent gaming world as no one expected the success that it will receive. Although not much was known of the game prior to release, doesn’t mean that it was put out there with no lore behind it and no attention to detail it’s just the opposite even. The game was released with an immersive story behind it and a cast of incredible heroes that we will be taking a look at today.

Currently the game has 10 available legends for us to try out and dominate others in the Apex Games with. They are the following:

  1. Bangalore – First off let’s start with one of the more used legends out there. Her real name is Anita Williams, age 35 and she is the professional soldier of the litter. Being born in a military family with having all four of her brothers and both of her parents served in the IMC Armed Forces it was expected of her to follow in their footsteps.
    Ever since she was young her exceptional skills were evident to all. For example she was the top of her class and was the only military cadet able to take apart a Peacekeeper, equip it with a precision choke and put it back together in twenty second while being blindfolded.  Her skills are Double Time, Smoke Launcher and Rolling thunder.

  2. Bloodhound – Next up we have the mysterious entity of the game. Barely anything is known about them except that they are the greatest game hunter on the Frontier. There have been many speculations thrown around about this amazing hero, some are that they are incredibly wealthy, a former slave or even a half bat amazingly enough, but it all just speculation of course. The abilities Bloodhound uses are Tracker, Eye of the Allfather, Beast of Hunt.

  3. Caustic – Alexander Nox, age 48 is a former scientist employed at Humbert Labs, the leading manufacturer of pesticide gasses. His employment entailed creating new kinds of more potent gases to be used by the company. He was obsessed with his work and toiled day and night to improve on his formulas or devise new ones. His passion for science led him down a dark path unfortunately as he started experimenting on live creatures.
    When the head of Humbert Labs discovered his secret experiments it led to a confrontation which would unfortunately end up with the lab in flames and the chief dead. After that day Alexander Nox disappeared and Caustic was born. His skills are Nox Gas Trap, Nox Vision, Nox Gas Grenade.

  4. Gibraltar – Makoa Gibraltar, age 30 is what some would call a gentle giant with a slightly wild side as well. He is the son of of two SARAS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace) volunteers, because of that he got incredibly skilled at getting others out of dangerous situations. He started respecting the lives of others ate an early age, when he together with his boyfriend stole a motorcycle.
    While taking it out on a joyride, unfortunately an accident happened and they got trapped on a deadly mudslide. While his parents managed to save him it wasn’t without a cost and that was his father’s arm.
    After that Makoa never forgot this and changed his life to one devoted to helping those in need. Although he entered the dangerous and brutal Apex Games his heart didn’t change. He joined with the idea and hope to help his friends out when needed so that they always come back safely. His skills are Dome of Protection, Gun Shield, Defensive Bombardment.

  5. Lifeline – Ajay Che, age 24 is quite the interesting person that not many would expect to meet at a place like the Apex Games. Born the child of wealthy war profiteers she despised what her family had caused in all sorts of places. She decided to leave them and enlisted in the Frontier Corps which is a humanitarian organization to aid Frontier communities when needed. Unfortunately she had to join the Apex Games with the idea to gain finances to fund the organization with her winnings. She tells herself that everyone in the games knows what they signed up for and most of the times aren’t a good person, this way she can cope with the bloody sport.
    Even if sometimes she is a tad bit sarcastic and callous deep down inside she is a kind person that wants to make the world a better place. Her skills are D.O.C. Heal Drone, Combat Medic, Care Package.

  6. Mirage – Elliott Witt, age 30 is the witty and charming face of the Apex Games. Mirage always liked to stand out even as a youngster. The reason behind that is that he had 3 older brothers so he mastered the art of clowning around to get attention. Unfortunately he didn’t take anything seriously except the Holo-Pilot technology. He was introduced to this tech by his engineer mother with whom he became quite close during the years. A low point in his life was the disappearance of his older brothers during the Frontier War.
    Because of that even after he heard about the Apex Games he was not sure if he wanted to leave his mother all alone. Fortunately for him though his mother gave him a set of customized holo devices and told him to follow his dream. His skills are Psyche Out, Encore!, Vanishing Act.

  7. Octane – Octavio Silva, age 24 is the adrenaline junkie of the whole Apex roster. He was born in a rich family which were the CEOs of Silva Pharmaceuticals. He had everything given to him whenever he wished for it but that made him bored all of the time. To stop his boredom he started doing all kinds of crazy stunts and posted the holovids for his fans to enjoy.
    During one such crazy stunt where he tried to beat the Gauntlet by grenade jumping to the finish line left him with no functioning legs. Here Lifeline comes in the story as he guilted her to replace his original legs with bionic ones. After the surgery was a success Silva decided to enter the Apex Games to defeat his boredom once again. His skills are Stim, Swift Mend, Launch Pad.

  8. Pathfinder – MRVN, age unknown is the face of optimism in the Apex Games. He booted up decades ago in an abandoned laboratory all alone not knowing who made him. That prompted him to start his journey in search of his creator. During his many travels throughout the years he learned a lot of things be it cooking or even deadlier skills.
    Unfortunately though he never managed to find his creator so he decided to join the Apex Games to possibly catch the attention of the person who made them. His skills are Grappling Hook, Insider Knowledge, Zipline Gun.

  9. Wattson – Natalie “Wattson” Paquette, age 22 is face many people know in the Apex games as her father was the lead electrical engineer of the competition. Because she wanted to be closer to her father ever since she was little, Natalie would study his manuals. By doing that she discovered what she was good at, that being understanding electricity like no one else before her.
    Unfortunately after she was commissioned to build the Apex Game’s Modified Containment Ring her father died the day of the reveal. Left all alone in the world after that she turned to the only thing she had left and that was the dangerous games. She would join the arena and take the name Wattson. Her skills are Perimeter Security, Spark of Genius, Interception Pylon.

  10. Wraith – Everything about her is redacted including her name and age. She is a mysterious woman that can somehow make tears in the fabric of reality. Even she doesn’t know how she got this way, the only thing she remembers is waking up one day in the IMC Detention Facility for the Mentally Ill with no other memories.
    The strange thing is that she would constantly hear a distant voice in her head that would teach her how to harness her abilities and escape from the facility. Determined to find out the truth about her she joined the Apex Games as many of the old research facilities were located beneath the arenas. Her skills are Into the Void, Voices from the Void, Dimensional Rift.

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