Apex Legends Mirage Hero Guide




Mirage Guide

Today we will be taking a look at quite a unique legend in the game, called Mirage. He is one of the purchasable Apex Legends Characters and the thing that makes him unique is the ability to create clones to fool your enemies. Before we take a closer look at his abilities and give you tips about how to play him, first we will check out his lore. Just keep in mind that Mirage in Apex Legends might seem quite easy to use but if you master him you won’t regret it as this holographic trickster with his decoy and cloak is a top tier legend if you get used to him.

Mirage has always been the center of attention kind of guy. He was the fourth and youngest brother of his family and because of that he perfected the art of fooling around to get attention. He didn’t take a lot of things seriously but he did pay incredible attention to Holo-Pilot technology. His mother introduced him to this. Even after his three older brothers went MIA during the Frontier War, he continued researching holo devices with his mother. He had to work as a bartender just to make ends meet, while doing that he heard a lot of stories about the Apex Games and the wealth and glory that came with them. These two things attracted him quite a lot but he knew that he couldn’t leave his mother childless. 

All that changed when she gave him a set of customized holo devices and told him to follow his dream. Ever since then Mirage has been the legend of the people as he is always the life of the Apex games as well as its charmer. For those of you out there interested the voice actor of Mirage is called Roger Craig Smith who has quite a lot of titles behind him.

Up next are the abilities that we will take a look at and give you some information on what they are and how best to use them

Tactical Ability – Psyche Out

Mirage’s tactical ability psyche sends out a holographic decoy to confuse his enemies. This is an extremely powerful and useful ability. Not only is it quite unique and fun to use it can be utilized in so many ways that you would be amazed. 

An interesting thing about it is that once you send out a decoy it will go and interact with whatever it comes in touch with. For example if you use Mirage’s decoys and send it to a resurrect beacon it will start doing the action that you would do if you are resurrecting teammates. Just be careful when you set the decoy to run as the enemy team might expect this. Mostly though it will be used to confusing and disorientating enemies and distract them long enough that you will get an advantage over them.

Passive Ability – Encore!


Mirage’s passive ability encore, automatically drops a decoy and cloaks for five seconds when knocked down. This is not one of the best abilities out there, to be honest. Once you are knocked down you will have to be extremely lucky not to get finished off as the cloak doesn’t quite make you absolutely invisible just harder to see. Although not the best it can still be used amazingly by a Mirage main kind of player.

Ultimate Ability – Vanishing Act


Mirage’s ultimate ability vanishing act deploys a team of Decoys to distract enemies while you cloak. This is an incredible escape ability that can be used as a way to escape enemy fire from enemy players or as an aggressive way to flank as well. The deployment of decoys is not incredibly important, as much as providing some kind of cover while you stealth. The flanking capabilities of this skill are quite good as you get a bonus to your movement speed while cloaked. Also the escape ability is also quite good as you will be able to run away from a sticky situation and heal up.

Your team of decoys will move the same way you are doing at the moment of using the skill, for example if you are crouching or sliding the decoy will do the same when used. Always use it before going out of cover as that will definitely save you once or twice while playing. Because it has quite a low cooldown period, try to use it as much as humanly possible when playing. 

A nice tip when using your ultimate is to put away your weapon as the movement speed will increase and you will be able to cover quite a lot of ground. Also keep in mind that decoys can trip Caustic’s traps. And lastly keep in mind that when using your ultimate the decoys can help out quite a bit by soaking up some damage. Hopefully this information was helpful as well as interesting to you guys out there and feel free to leave us feedback on what you enjoyed about it.

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