Apex Legends Octane Hero Guide




Apex Legends Octane guide

Today we will be taking a look at the post-apocalyptic looking character called Octane. You might find him quite recognizable as he looks like something that came out of Borderlands or he even might look like Junkrat from Overwatch to others. This adrenaline junkie kind of resembles even Bane from the DC universe as he also injects constantly chemicals in his body to make himself stronger or faster. 

He was released together with the first ever Battle Pass for Apex Legends and to unlock him you will have to purchase him just like some other familiar legends, Caustic and Mirage for 750 Apex coins. Now before we proceed with the information about his skills and tips on how to use them we will cover some of his lore which explains Octane’s abilities. Also keep in mind that while Apex Legend’s octane might look familiar he is still quite different to what you would expect compared to his lookalikes.

Octavio Silva, an heir of the Silva Pharmaceuticals has always had everything in life given to him

Except the attention he always craved for. Because of this he was always bored and to combat that boredom he started doing death defying stunts all of the time and recording them. One day he even decided to beat the record of a nearby Gauntlet by launching himself with a grenade. After this failed attempt to beat the record his legs were permanently damaged beyond repair. Because this meant that his daredevil days were over, it didn’t sit well with Ocavio. He decided to guilt an old friend of his, Ajay Che into helping him by replacing his legs with bionic ones. 

Now that he could repair them at any time this meant that he would be able to do even more dangerous and scandalous stunts. In the end Octavio decided to join the Apex Games under the name Octane. This for him was the ultimate rush and as always he provided the viewers with incredible death defying stunts when he is on the field.

Now it’s time to look at his skills and what exactly they do, they are the following:

  1. Passive Ability: Swift Mend – While Octane doesn’t take damage he regenerates health over time which is 1 health every 2 seconds. This is an amazing ability early game, especially if you are quite low on healing items. This ability really helps out when you keep in mind that early game sometimes it’s not easy to find meds. And by having this little safety net you can calmly engage enemies with hit and run tactics. Just go in do some damage and get away as fast as possible. 

  2. Tactical Ability: Stim – With the stim ability Octane moves 30% faster for 6 seconds and it costs your health to use it. While the effect is active Octane is less affected by slowing attacks. The cooldown for this ability is 2 seconds. This is an incredibly simple but effective skill. It works wonders for flanking or even running away from a battle. This is perfect for those of you that prefer a hit and run kind of strategy.
    Also because of its low cooldown it can be used quite frequently by players and should be spammed as much as appropriate. This surprising burst of speed will definitely catch some of your less skilled opponents surprised.

  3. Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad – Octane deploys a jump pad that catapults players through the air. The cooldown for this ability is 90 seconds. This is not so much of a movement tool rather an engaging one. More likely than not you will use it when attacking enemies if you want to get to higher ground or close the distance if you are more of a close quarters orientated player.

    Keep in mind that this can be used by everyone so if you are being chased the enemies will be able to take advantage of it. Don’t let that put you down though as if you are an experienced Apex player you will be able to make incredible ambushes using this “downside” of the skill.

Now let us proceed with some useful tips for this Legend

Use your Stim as much as possible during fights or even out of them. The reason being is that the low cooldown is a blessing as it can be spammed and also your passive covers up the issue of the Stim costing health to use. Don’t forget to be mindful of your surroundings though when scouting as some Octane players overextend quite a bit and are hunted down before they run back to the team. 

Although the animation when using the Stim looks like you are not able to aim down the sights that is not the case. Feel free to aim down at any time while the skill is active. The jump pad is quite a useful tool when surprising enemies by quickly dropping in on their heads or getting to a higher position in order to kill them. It is perfect for surprising people waiting for ambushes as you come out of nowhere and dominate them without them even realizing what happened or where you came from.

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