Apex Legends Rumors About New Content



Apex Legends Rumors About New Content.

Today we have compiled a bit of rumors for you from various sources from reddit in one small package. Keep in mind that these are still just rumors as they haven’t been officially announced but there is a high possibility that they will be implemented in Season 1.

First off we will start with an interesting rumor regarding a new weapon that will be released soon, and its name will be “L-Star”. It is wielded by Bloodhound on the login screen of Apex Legends as well as it being featured in the trailer for the Season 1 “Wild Frontier”. It is said that the gun will most likely use legendary ammo and it will be energy based. We think that it will be officially announced and released quite soon so that we will be able to test it out.

Next up is quite an old rumor that might just turn out to be true. The information regarding this was leaked more than 11 months ago on a Titanfall subreddit. It shows a Battle Royale minimap featuring the Thunderdome. It will be an expansion to the current map and its location is close to Skulltown and it will wield high-tier loot. There has also been talk that the Thunderdome will be used for a new game mode but we will probably see if it’s all true somewhere close to the end of season 1.

Now we will look at something that might sound a little crazy but there are a lot of speculations regarding it on the Apex Legends subreddits. As you might know one of the locations in the map contains a Repulsor, which is a structure that in Titanfall drives away Leviathans. But as this one is broken people have started thinking that possibly in season 1 or season 2 some of these giant animals will appear in the game map or possibly even the elusive Flyers as they always roam around the Leviathans. If the Flyers do show up in the game it might be possible to mount these animals for a few seconds after using the balloon and if that does happen to be true it will be something that will change the game in an extreme way. Also keep in mind that if the Leviathans do show up in the game they will be something like a world hazard and they might even kill you on accident. Whether this turns out to be true or not we will unfortunately be able to see it quite late in this season or perhaps the second season even.

Next up is something that is all but confirmed but we still don’t have solid information for it. On the Apex Legends page located in the PlayStation website it was revealed that there will be another new hero coming out in Season 1. Most of us thought that since octane came out recently and including the Apex Legends Roadmap which indicates that a new hero will be released each season there wouldn’t be someone new soon. But it seems that we thought wrong as they mentioned on the PlayStation page that this season we are to expect two new heroes with a full set of cosmetics for each. The second character could be one of these heroes: Crypto, Husaria, Nomad, Prophet, Rosie, Skunner, Jericho, Rampart, and Wattson. These names were found out through datamining and it has been an extremely hot topic ever since they were mention on the twitter account ApexLeaksNews. But from all of these the one we know the most about and it’s highly probable that this will be the new hero is Wattson. All we know currently about her skills is that she is a scientist and will have the ability called Tesla Trap that will work as electricity walls. Supposedly her real name will be Natalie Paquette and her skills will be connected to electricity. We can also see her silhouette in the trailer which octane was a part of. Most likely we will see her in week 6 as that will mark the halfway of season one but still keep in mind that these are speculations made from the community and we are waiting for Respawn to confirm.

Overall we hope that these rumors will turn out to be true as they will be a welcome sight in the game. They will liven it up and change some things for the better or the worse but we will have to just wait patiently and see how it ends up. Hopefully Respawn will come out with a statement or announcement for them soon enough.

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