Apex legends season 3 speculations




Apex legends season 3 speculations

Today we will be taking a look at what will possibly happen in the highly anticipated Season 3 of Apex Legends! We will be talking about possible details, events and even a new Legend coming into the fold quite soon. As well as a little data mined surprise which will be of interest to a lot of people, but that will be saved for last. Keep in mind that some of this information is speculation at this point and may even change in the future! But it is still worth checking out as it is quite possible that if not soon then these things may happen down the line.

The developers at Respawn often have quite the difficulty keeping secrets away from public knowledge, but that is good for us as we can get hyped early on for possible releases. Some of the following information wasn’t even leaked by data miners but from an employee who took pictures during an internal showing of the content. 

Let us dive into the leaks now and also speculate a bit

One of the main things that we can expect is the inclusion of a new weapon “Charge Rifle”. This weapon will most likely be implemented in the beginning of Season 3 and while specifics about how it exactly works haven’t been shared, we can make some guessed from Titanfall. The gun was featured in Titanfall as an Anti-Titan gun and because of that we can expect it to be a sniping weapon with energy power. What we can also expect, from the name alone is that the “Charge Rifle” will take some time to charge it’s shot before firing it. Something like the Havoc when it is equipped with a Selectfire receiver.

Up next we will be taking a look at the long speculated legend called “Crypto”. This guy has been talked about quite a lot but a certain data miner managed to leak some information regarding his skills. He is overall a tracker and Surveillance Expert. He will be able to utilize a camera drone and an EMP that will slow enemies, damage shield and even disable traps. His Passive ability will be called “Neurolink” and will allow his teammates to see what his drone sees, which will be awesome for checking out buildings before entering them. If used correctly there will be almost no possibility that the enemy will ambush you. Lastly one of the most useful things is that the drone is able to retrieve banners of fallen allies. 

Because Halloween is also approaching it is no surprise that the leaked skin of Gibraltar is themed around that

The kind giant will receive a Frankenstein looking skin is incredibly detailed. This will bring some skins that will probably be worth the money, which is something the game is currently lacking. While there are a lot of nice skins, none are with the attention to detail like this one, which is absolutely stunning. We can definitely expect some of the other Legends to also receive some themed skins and can only hope that they will be as good as this one.

Now lastly we will be taking a look at something that the PVP crowd might not necessarily be a fan of but some of us that love the universe of the game will enjoy. There is a possibility that we will see a story based PVE mode implemented in the game. It was revealed by a data miner that there is quite a lot of information leading us to the conclusion that PVE will be implemented. What we can at this point only speculate is that there will be ten missions with story elements in them. We will be able to fight various monsters and enemies. 

The enemies we will face will be quite reminiscent to the ones that we saw in Titanfall, which is no surprise. The missions will feature scenarios with progression. We know that one will make us hijack a transport after which we will have to hop on a Hovertank and disrupt Reavers, disable turrets and even weaken Titans. The possible implementation of this mode is honestly quite the surprise as while we do want the story to progress, nobody expected it to be this way. Some of the move PVP orientated players might not enjoy it but for us that love PVE this is incredible. By implementing this mode we will have more variation and option in regards to what to do in the game. Also this will open up a way for the developers to implement more story based stuff and keep us hooked on the Apex Legends universe.

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