Apex Legends Wattson hero guide



Apex Legends Wattson hero guide

Hello guys, today we will be covering the newest hero, enrolled in Apex Legends. Natalie Wattson Paquette a.k.a Wattson is the tenth playable character in the game that has enrolled in the Apex Games. You can buy her for a price of 750 Apex Coins of 12,000 Legend Tokens.

 In this review we will be covering a quick guide and tips, helping you out mastering her. She is a defender and doesn’t have any offensive skills. If your play style tends to be more on the offensive side, don’t use her as a hunter/assassin, put yourself into the mind of a trapper, be stealthier, sit and wait if you have to.

Her passive ability Spark of Genius - it is used to boost her Ultimate Ability (Interception Pylon) and while standing near to it boosts her Tactical Ability recharge.

Her Tactical Ability - Perimeter Security creates electrified fences that slow and damage enemies. Wattson can set up four nodes in the very beginning of the game, making it possible for her to create a wall and after placing a node, the Tactical begins to regarche allowing her to place 12 more nodes at the same time. Whenever an enemy passes through one of her fences, Wattson is alerted immediately. That is the only damaging ability in her kit and it can be used for creating choking points or giving her team some time to regroup and heal up.

Wattson’s ultimate ability is Interception Pylon. It places an electrified pylon that repairs damaged shields as long as they stay near it and the pylon destroys incoming ordnance as well as repairing your teams shields. Her unique Ultimate can save her team once the ring gap starts closing in. Be sure to always have her Ult up and some extra Ultimate Accelerants just in case. Though her Ultimate Ability can put only one pyon per charge, she can place 3 at once. Always remember to try to stay near Interception Pylons when possible as long as it stand up!

Wattson’s gameplay is best at bunkering

When the game starts, search the map for Ultimate Accelerant, gather your preferable weapons and ammo. When the ring gets small enough, find a good spot in the center of the map to bunker yourself and your squad. With this you can become a static defender and utilize choke points as much as possible. Having a Pathfinder in the team is great, that way you will know where the next ring location will be and to best secure the perimeter. Place a Pylon or two to eliminate the danger of grenades and start building electric fences. 

Always put your pylons in places difficult to reach. Make sure your squad has enough healing equipment to hold the front. Let the enemies come to you while you play your waiting game. If the Wattson on the team places her abilities right it would be easy for that team to hold more than one attacking enemy team. 

Bear in mind that Wattson is not an offensive defender. Watson’s abilities are in a way useless until the late game, but if played right and smart she can be very useful to any team comp. Consider looting, searching for better equipment and avoid teamfights in the early stages of the match. Only fight in close quarters, where her kit is most useful. Place as many fences behind in order to be prepared if anybody is hunting you and your team down. 

Now we are going to talk about ways to counter her using her own weaknesses 

Her fences can be passed through via Wraith’s Into the Void and grappled over with Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook. Mirage could send a copy of himself through one of her fences, giving her false information about his location. Octane is a hard counter to Wattson. He doesn’t have any abilities with projectiles to be blocked by the Pylon, his Swift Mend could heal him for the amount damage taken by the fences and his Stim can be used to overcome the slow from her Tactical ability. 

Launch Pad can be used for a leap over any chokepoints, created by her. Wattson couldn’t do much to counter these Legends, because her strategy revolves around the enemy coming from a horizontal lane. Mastering them will give you a slight advantage over Wattson by almost disabling her, because she can make no use of her kit and the fact that she is a non-offensive defender with close to none damaging abilities in her arsenal. 

That knowledge could be used even when playing with Wattson. Knowing how an enemy could overcome her fences will give the player a better idea for where to wait, how to position and where to place her fences and pylons. Communicate with your fellow teammates and give them this knowledge so that they could help you prevent any attacking Mirages, Pathfinders, Octanes and Wraiths. 

The best way to win in any sort of team compilation is teamwork and communication. Remember that a Wattson heavily relies on her squad mates to deliver the damage, her role is solely to protect them from incoming projectiles, give them time to heal and to make a strategic regroup with her all-defender kit. 

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