Apex Lengeds Lifeline Hero guide




Apex Legends Lifeline Guide

Today we will be looking at the incredibly powerful early game legend that also excels in the late game but only in experienced hands. Lifeline excels in the early game because her ability to heal is quite powerful if you haven’t been able to loot any healing items or you just want to save them for later on. Your survivability if you keep the enemy at a distance and constantly heal yourself is quite good, as you will be firing off shots while healing. Also her resurrection passive is very good especially early on when people don’t have all that powerful guns. The shield is quite sturdy and you will be able to defend yourself while resurrecting unless the enemy decides that they want to be ultra-aggressive and rush you. Now before we look deeper into her skills we will take a look at her lore.

Ajay Che, also known as Lifeline isn’t the typical person you would expect in the Apex Games. She was once the wealthy child of war profiteers but she decided to leave home when she found out about all of the damage her family had caused. Because of that she decided to join the Frontier Corps, which is a humanitarian organization that aides Frontier communities that are in need. E

ver since then she has devoted her life to helping all others and joined the Apex Games in order to raise funds for the Frontier Corps with her winnings. The thought that everyone on the Games is not innocent as they all know what they signed up for keeps her going in this popular bloodsport. At least that is what she tells herself as she is deep down inside a person that wants to help people and make the world a better place for everyone. Even if that means taking down a couple of people in the process of making it a better place.

Now we will proceed on with the skills she offers and how best to use them, they are the following:

  1. Tactical Ability – D.O.C. Heal Drone: Lifeline calls a Drone of Compassion in order to automatically heal nearby teammates over time. This ability is quite useful in numerous of situations and especially good on the early game. That is because when you or your teams haven’t yet stacked up on shields or health this will be a lifesaver in fights or after them. Keep in mind that the range isn’t the best so try to put it somewhere near cover so that you will be able to stay next to it during firefights. Also a quick tip here, you can drop it while attempting to loot to heal passively and not waste time.

  2. Passive Ability – Combat Medic: Lifeline revives a downed teammate faster while being protected by a shield wall. Also healing items are used 25% faster. This is also quite useful in the early game while players aren’t fully kitted yet. In the start of a game getting knocked down is one of the most common things out there. With this ability you will be able to get to your teammate and revive them quickly so that they are able to get back into the fight. Just make sure the shield is facing the enemy so that you don’t get into an embarrassing situation. The shield is incredibly good as in the early stages you will definitely get a revive before they even manage to take it down.

  3. Ultimate Ability – Care Package: Lifeline calls in a drop pod full of high-quality defensive gear. Also an incredibly good ability for early to mid-game that can be used as a way to get some healing or potentially powerful defensive loot. It drops a total of three from which one is a guaranteed equipment piece, one healing or regen item, and one attachment of either epic or legendary quality. A very good way to use your care package is if you are resurrecting a teammate and when you respawn them they will have some kind of starting defensive items at least.

Now let us get into a couple of tips and tricks. Because of your passive you will automatically become the person definitely in charge of reviving teammates so keep that in mind when playing. Early on if you somehow are stuck in the storm always use your drone as it will definitely help you with surviving. Also this is the legend that has most use of ultimate accelerants so if you manage to find a couple, always use them up. If you are trying to stay hidden for an ambush make sure not to throw down your ultimate as that will give you away. Because she is not the best legend for up close and personal type of combat always try to rely on your teammates and don’t rush into the fray, keep your distance!

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