How does the Voidwalker themed Event work in Apex Legends?


How does the Voidwalker themed Event work in Apex Legends?


We will be taking a look at the amazingly interesting Voidwalker event which will bring us to the mysterious research site, which was unearthed in Kings Canyon. The location which is one of the main reasons why we see Wraith in the Apex Games is a part of the Project: Wraith also includes a functioning prototype portal. We will get the chance to complete a variety of challenges and earn exclusive skins and Wraith-Themed content. 

Before we dive deeper into this amazing event though, let us first check out how the events will work moving forwards in Apex Legends. There will be overall three types of events, which are Season Launches, Collection events and the Themed Events. They are intended to keep the game fresh and also bring back past players which have moved on to other games. 

We can see that the developers are hard at work, and they want to bring back the game to its glory days. These events will give us one or more gameplay changes, which will include permanent or temporary modes as well as map updates, as well as new weapons and characters. 

Season Launches are the biggest ones and as the name says, they can be expected each new season. With them there will definitely be a new Legend included, as well as weapons and other items and possibly even major map changes. Overall they are the big content drops and are definitely the most anticipated. 

Themed events are something like mid-season updates that will allow us to get some interesting and themed loot for free as well as small map changes. With them we can also expect more lore to be included and possibly even more surprised down the line. 

Collection events are something that takes place during each season and will deliver some limited-time modes and challenges which are intended to earn us cosmetics. As all other events we can expect event specific loot boxes and direct purchases as well. This is overall how the devs have decided to proceed in the future!

Now we will be taking a look at the incredible ongoing event, called Voidwalker

It is mostly centered on Wraith’s mysterious past and will introduce to us a new town takeover, as well as other interesting content. 

The Wraith Town Takeover shows us what Syndicate construction crews have unearthed in Kings Canyon. There we will be able to jump in and discover the amazing mysterious remains of the research site, which includes a functioning portal which is used in order to get an early jump on the base or escape from it. And also it was hinted that there are many more hidden lore details which we will have to experience and find by ourselves.

Next up we have the limited-time mode which is called Armed and Dangerous. Here we will only be able to use shotguns and snipers and also the loot will be much harder to come by. With this mode we will have to test our limits as well as our reaction times and fight for every single item we come by. 

Also keep in mind that it is possible for you to only have your fists for quite some time if you are unlucky. This is quite interesting and fun for those of us out there that enjoy getting up close and personal with the enemy. 

We will be able to get quite a bit of free loot as well with the ongoing challenges from the event. For example two amazing skins for the G7 which will take a little time to grind out but they are worth it. The biggest reason they are worth the farm is that it’s free, and if you intend on playing the game anyways, why not put the extra hour playing each day in order to get them.

Now lastly from the event we will be able to see a lot of sets themed around Wraith

Most interesting of which is the Voidwalker Wraith Legendary which also has a custom character animation. The developers are also introducing lower priced items except the legendary of course. 

All other themed cosmetics will cost 5$ and also they are Event Limited. This means that for the next six months we will not be able to see them sold in the game under no circumstances. Something else they added except these themed cosmetics are six new Legendary items which can be crafted or obtained through packs. 

Overall this is not on the scope of a season launch event which brings a lot more things into the game, but still it’s worth taking a look at. We hope that the developers continue doing such interesting things to the game and hopefully we will be able to see the complete resurrection of Apex Legends in the near future!

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