How to get Apex Legends wins


Hello fellow Apex players today we will look at the incredibly popular Battle Royale game Apex Legends and we will give you some tips on how to improve yourself.

So let us start off as you might know Apex Legends is currently the hottest game out there so you might be wondering how to get better, win more and dominate your opponents. Well look no further because with these tips you might be able to WIN.

Like all the other battle royale games, Apex Legends is no different in most aspects. Speed is crucial in the game, when you are running to catch up with the closing ring, you are basically running for your life. While sprinting most of the time you’d want to put away your weapon, because you are able to run slightly faster. Just press 3 for PC, Y on the Xbox and the triangle on the PS4.To move even faster in the game, you are able to slide which is also recommended as you will be able to reach loot faster. In order to slide simply press the crouch button while sprinting. Learning how and when to drop in the very beginning of the game is also very important. Fly straight, keep an eye on the airspeed gauge and when the numbers drop below 130, dive to accelerate. Avoid hovering too close to structures like rock formations because the game thinks you are near solid ground and this will trigger the landing animation. When you start getting closer to your desired landing destination you and your squad should split up. You don’t want to compete with each other in the early game gear hunt. The faster you decide where to drop, the better as the possibility to land before others will increase.

From our experience and Reddit with Apex Legends, we’ve gathered some tips for you.

If you have basic knowledge regarding battle royale games you might know most of these tips but we will still look over them and also tell you the different thing that are specifically for Apex Legends.

Do not engage in a firefight, unless necessary is a tip for players that are just starting off. It’s pointless to run and shoot without purpose so when possible take your time. Try to gear yourself with better weapons and armor as fast as possible. In the arena all Legends are mostly even in terms of speed and strength. Their abilities are what set them apart. So try them all out and then start picking the Legend that matches your playstyle the most.

The advantage in Apex Legends most of the time goes to whoever notices the other team first and initiates the fight as you will have the first shots and if you are lucky you might take down someone at the start of the fight. Taking down one of the players in the start of a fight is really important as it’s extremely hard to defeat a full team if you are lacking a person. If you find yourself in a tough spot, try to reposition yourself and heal. Do not commit to a fight you are not sure you can win.

Stay close to your squad mates as team play is the key to success in Apex. Working together will keep you safe and you will be able to outplay your opponents by combining your abilities. Use the in-game pings as well as the voice chat. Let your team know where they can find good equipment, point out if any danger is ahead and give them Intel. Although a risky move, revival is an option during a team fight. This is another reason to stay close to your team.

Don’t start fights in the mid game, if it’s not beneficial. Get to cover, position yourself and use your instincts because the mid game is the slowest part of the match. Pay attention to the number of players left at all times. Learn to use your surroundings and always use cover. Jump Towers allow you to fly into the air and will get you to your squad mates in no time. It can be used to surprise your enemies as well. Hot Zones are the places with higher tier loot generated randomly on the map there is also a possibility to get a legendary weapon at those places. Respawn Beacons are used for reviving fellow teammates. Learning how to use these features will give you options in terms of strategy and will get you out of sticky situations.

It is very important to always stay on the move unless it’s the end phase of the game. Also something extremely beneficial is to learn how to do the “A/D spam” effectively. If you are moving slow and predictably, you are making yourself an easy target for snipers. If you have finished with one area, head to the next one as soon as you can. If you are looting something, moving from side to side is something most players do in case they are targeted by a sniper as standing still as in most battle royals is a death sentence. It is also possible to Bunny hop in the game, so you better practice that skill. It’s not faster than sliding, but it is very useful while healing. It’s even easier to bunny hop, if you bind your mouse wheel down to jump.

Snipers are very important as they do a lot of damage and their scope can be used as binoculars to scout far away locales. Apex Legends like many other battle royale games has bullet drop, so if you want to hit far away targets you should learn to aim with one. The numbers next to the hash marks you see while scoped correspond to the distance (in hundreds of meters 1-100, 2-200, somewhere between 2 and 3 240meters).

It is always better to pick up an automatic weapons and SMGs over pistols and shotguns as they are much easier to use and will help out in tight situations especially if you are new.

And now lastly for the tips section we will look over inventory management as it’s extremely crucial. Always try to have at least one open slot just in case there is a phoenix kit or something else you might need. Also don’t waste space with ammo or attachments you don’t need.

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