Ranked Leagues Series 2 Apex



Ranked Leagues Series 2 Apex


Today we will be taking a look at what the developers for the ranked mode in Apex Legends aim to improve compared to series 1 and what they want to leave the same. Overall the Ranked League Series 1 scoring system worked to the satisfaction of the designers but still they are making a few improvements. Also we can expect a soft reset to our rank along with some cosmetic rewards for competitive play.

Now let us first look at how Series 1 went along and decide ourselves if it worked out well

So the developers implemented a score-based system that is different compared to often seen hidden ELO-type mechanics. They were happy with how it ended up as a lot of Veteran players, as well as new ones got the hang of it quickly and enjoyed it. They even released some numbers we can take a look at. They are adjusted by people who played Ranked for at least 5 hours. The stats are:

  • Bronze – 5.1% of players

  • Silver – 40% of players

  • Gold – 35.7% of players

  • Platinum – 16.8% of players

  • Diamond – 2.1% of players

  • Apex Predator – 0.2% of players

They will be using all these stats to improve Series 2 and make them even more fun for us. Also while the rank itself is often the reward for competitive players, the devs will also award us with cosmetics. We will receive badges, gun charms and other things depending on our highest rank during the season. 

To ensure good skill-based matchmaking the developers constantly implemented small changes during Series 1 in order to match up players accordingly. They will definitely continue improving it in the following season. Overall they were quite happy with the results shown by the first trial ranked series and will try their best to make it even better with the next one.

We have been talking a lot about Series 2 but now let’s take a look at it and what we know currently. What will stay the same are the Tiers and Divisions that were introduced in Series 1. As well as the requirement for ranked play being 10 the matchmaking with friends will once again be adjusted according to the highest ranked of the group.

The scoring will experience quite an interesting change as they are 10x’ing all of the points in the whole system. They do not mean to just inflate the point for no reason but they want to rewards to be a little bit more meaningful and flexible. Because of this of course they will also update the match entry RP costs slightly. The developers want to also add the assists to the kill count score. They will be implemented so that if you deal damage to an enemy 5 seconds before they are downed it will count as one assist. 

But also keep in mind that if they get back up your assist will be cleared, like it never existed in the first place so always make sure that they can’t get back up. The combined kill and assist score is still capped as previously to 5 per match. While there was a lot of backlash regarding this decision, the developers claim that they did not manage to see players often hitting the cap.

A new thing implemented in the upcoming Series will be that we ranked players will not only have our RP shown but we will be able to see our standing worldwide. This will definitely implement a sort of a more competitive feature with top tier players. The ranking will be split between the 3 platforms the game is available on, PC, Xbox and PlayStation. 

The cosmetic rewards we were talking about earlier will be given out first thing when the new season starts. When we log in we will receive a soft rank reset as well as cosmetics depending on out highest level reached. There will be many interesting rewards depending on our placements and also they plan on making them even better in the future, in order to give us that drive to be the best.

While leaver penalties were removed in Series 1 in the upcoming one they will be enabled again

The penalty will be applicable in Normal as well as Ranked play. If you leave during a competitive match you will be unable to play for 5 minutes afterwards but this penalty also stacks, so you might be banned for playing for a whole week. This will be a welcome change as some of you might have experienced leaving is an often seen practice in the game.

Lastly we shall take a look at the Loss Forgiveness system. The developers want to report that it is working quite well. The system itself is for players, in order not to get penalized because of leavers or because of a technical issue out of their control. They will proceed to keep an eye out in order to improve it even further. 

Overall in Series 2 we can expect some of the same stuff but also quite nice balancing changes. This is welcome news for those of us out there that enjoy the system and want to continue playing in it!

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