What is Apex Legends boosting



What is Apex Legends boosting and how Mboosting.com can do for you are some of the questions we will answer today.

     First let us look at what Apex Legends is for some of the people that don’t know of the surprising hit that this game is. Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale game published by “Respawn entertainment”, whom you might know from the hit games “Titanfall” and “Titanfall 2”. The interesting thing about this game is that it was released without any prior marketing or announcements. It is kind of a unique take on the battle royale genre as it’s a mix between a strict multiplayer shooter game that we all know like “Titanfall” and the currently popular battle royale genre. It is in the niche that was missing until now where people that are used to the classic multiplayer shooter genre just couldn’t get used to games like “Fortnite” which is what makes it popular. The game itself takes place in the “Titanfall” universe and includes special heroes with different skills and roles. Also another interesting feature is that you can revive teammates that were killed if you collect their banner which means that even if in a fight two of your teammates die you can bring them back. Communication in the game is also extremely easy, there is a voice-chat feature but the thing that most players use is the ping system which is extremely user friendly, because of that you can get to first place in the game without talking through the voice-chat even once. Currently the game has the following heroes available:

1.       Wraith – A skirmisher who can create portals with her ultimate and also phase shift so that she can escape a dangerous situation.

2.       Bangalore – A soldier that can throw out smoke so that she can cover her allies in need or confuse enemies and also she can call down an airstrike on your head.

3.       Pathfinder –Is essentially a grappling robot that can move through the map extremely fast. This skill of his is essentially used to run towards the zone or repositioning so that you can hit enemies from a higher ground.

4.       Lifeline – An essential support character that can heal allies and call down a supply drop from which you can get amazing things if you are lucky.

5.       Gibraltar – A tank who gets a shield every time they aim down sights and also can cast a dome shield which can protect your allies. Also a useful skill of his is the defense bombardment where he calls down a mortar strike on an area.

6.       Bloodhound – One of the most used characters in the game, a scout that can easily see where people have gone through and even sense through walls if there are people inside a building.

7.       Caustic – One of the two purchasable characters, he is someone that can help fortify a building by setting poison traps all over the place.

8.       Mirage – He is the other purchasable hero and he is someone that if you can’t use him will be useless but if you get good with him you can be unstoppable. His skillset revolves around using holograms to fool the enemy. For example he can send out a hologram which can fool enemies into shooting it while he positions himself to take out the enemy team.

     Now let us continue who we are and what we can do for you in regards to Apex Legends Boosting.  At Mboosting.com we offer most simply put, help. We work only with professionals in the gaming field which we test numerous of times so that we can be sure that they are trustworthy and up for the task. Our players have experience in many games where they are always at the top of their region or even at the top of the world rankings. We review their game knowledge and gameplay skills before taking them on so that you can be sure that when an order is placed they will know all about the game and what it takes to get the order complete. You can even ask them questions you might have about the order specifically once someone takes is and also you can track its progress through our site. Keep in mind that to be able to track the progress and talk directly through chat with the pro player you will have to create an account at Mboosting.com which is absolutely free of charge.

     Now we can move on to what we offer currently for the game and we will explain a little bit about every service. The thing we have for you at the moment are:

1.       Apex legends win boosting – This is a service where you can select a desired number of wins if you want to boost up your stats a little bit. We offer two main options for this and they are “Solo” and “Duo”. For the “Solo” option a player will get on your account themselves and will complete the order as fast as possible, there is also an option for him to stream the order so that you can keep track of all that is happening if you wish. The “Duo” option is where you will play together with the booster in a team and he will do his best to get the win for you in the shortest timeframe possible. Keep in mind that if you want to play at a specific time only it is also possible to set it up.

2.       Apex legends kill boosting service – Here we only have a “Solo” option as it can be done only if a booster plays on your account. This service is offered if you want to raise your kill count so that when you play with other people they can see where your skill is at and most of the times they will try to follow your lead. This is most commonly purchased when you main one character and have kills only for him but you decide to change it up with someone else and you start from zero.

3.       Apex legends level boost service – This service is for those people that want to grind some levels but understandably they might not have time for it as work or school might get in the way. Also for people that want to grind up some loot boxes so that they can get their hands on some sweet skins and other items.

4.       Apex legends achievement badges boosting – And lastly for now at least is the service where we will get you the desired achievement that you want. It is extremely difficult sometimes to get a specific achievement in the game and if you do try to get that amazingly hard one that you have your eye on you will most likely not be able to enjoy the game. The reason for that is that your mind will only be on trying to get it which will hinder everything else you do. And that is why we offer this boost so that you will be able to relax knowing you have it without wasting away numerous hours or days.

     And that concludes what we offer at this moment in regards to Apex Legends boosts. Feel free to browse around our site to check the prices and if you have any questions regarding our offers, message us at the live chat window and someone from our support team will help you 24/7. We hope that this information was useful to you and it will be our utmost pleasure to hear from you be it in regards to questions or even feedback on how to improve ourselves.