What kind of game is Apex Legends



What kind of game is Apex Legends

 Today we will be taking a look at the surprise hit in the free to play battle royale genre called “Apex Legends”, developed by “Respawn Entertainment” and published by “Electronic Arts”. The reason we call it a surprise hit is that it was released without any prior notice on the fourth of February. 

Let us start off with a bit of lore about the game and where it takes place. The setting is based on the Titanfall world. The starting idea for the game was a continuation of the “Titanfall” series but they decided to change it up by turning it into the recently popular genre of battle royale. 

The game is set approximately thirty years after “Titanfall 2” in a place called Outlands where the heroes are forced to battle it out for victory in the Apex Games. The start of the match there are always 60 players which makes for quite the mayhem. The game is different compared to others of the genre because it implements different heroes with various abilities instead of everyone being the same character. 

The gameplay is inspired from various different games like “Titanfall”, “Halo”, “D2” as well as the game we all know, which is called “Overwatch”. While it may take place in the same universe the game is not a continuation of the series per say as there are not any mech suits or wall running so don’t expect that many similarities to “Titanfall” except the lore.

Now let’s continue with some info about the gameplay itself

The game is a tad bit unusual as the heroes are quite important because of the skills they possess. Imagine something like “Overwatch” but in a battle royale setting. The various heroes can complement each other with their carious skills to make an amazing combo. 

Another different thing that we have here is the three person composition in a squad at all times. For now there is no option for solo or duo only games. This forces the players to cooperate and communicate at all times as if you out by yourself the loss is a given. In this game it’s surprisingly difficult to solo fight whole squads. 

To make the players drop together, the developers have implemented the jumpmaster position

This position allows to choose where to drop with your whole squad and guide them to the drop point together. We recommend staying with your jumpmaster almost the whole way down, only separate from him before dropping so that you can cover more distance and find proper loot for yourself but always keep an eye at the location of your team.

The map has various ways to navigate included in it. There are numerous of ziplines and hot-air balloons which can be used to shoot yourself in the air and then glide to a desired location. These make the game much faster paced as you can navigate the map with quite the speed. 

To help out with the fast roaming and high cliffs they also implemented no fall damage. In the game not only can you revive allies when they are downed but also bring them back to the game even if they are killed. 

This innovative idea brings a whole freshness to the genre, because you can always be brought back and not only spectate your friends if you get killed of early. This is amazing as the major problem of games in the battle royale genre is that you can get killed of randomly and then just wait until the game has finished to play with your friends again. 

Although keep in mind that it might be risky as people will know you will try to take back the respawn beacon and they will try to ambush you, so always be careful when doing it. Also you are exposed when reviving your allies at the specified locations and you might be sniped so check your surroundings or use a smoke screen if playing with Bangalore. Unfortunately resurrected teammates will return with no weapons on them so keep that in mind as well. 

A major similarity to other games is the loot system which is basic for games of this type

There are various weapons, armors and items located across the map with varying levels of quality. There are classic items like a helmet and armor which increase your shield capacity. The shield can be recharged much faster compared to healing yourself so always do that first in the game. Killing enemies will always drop a chest with all their loot and it will glow depending on the highest quality item they have so that you can know what to loot first. 

A good strategy to use here is if your armor is depleted loot the enemies as when looting you will always receive it at max shield. Another user friendly thing they have is when exchanging your weapon with a different one all the viable attachments will be transferred to the new one. 

Another interesting feature they have implemented is the ping system

This is incredibly important for this team focused game as not everyone is comfortable with speaking. This way they handle the major issue which is the language barrier. Communication has never been easier as you can ping where enemies are or loot for your allies, the whole game you could not say a single word in the voice chat but still actually be understood by your teammates. The ping system is quite diverse and easy to use, it’s evident that the developers have thought long and hard about how to implement it and in our opinion they did an amazing job. 

Something else that is new to the genre is the champion

This player is a winner of a previous game and is showed at the beginning of every match. Not only does he get projected on the whole map so you can definitely know who he is but they also provide extra experience if killed. It’s an interesting reward and at the same time punishment for the player. They get recognition from others and respect but at the same time are targeted for the extra experience. 

Let’s take a look at how the developers actually make some profit from the game. As expected from a free to play title it’s through microtransactions. Fortunately though they are not bad at all as all the items you purchase with them are cosmetics excluding the unlockable heroes. 

The skins and camos for the heroes and weapons are most of the times thematic and interesting enough to warrant attention from customers. The other way they make money is through something that you battle royale players might be familiar with, it being the Battle Pass. 

It rewards us with cosmetic ingame items specifically for the Battle Pass as well as chests that can contain lots of interesting stuff. Each season will last for at least three months with the upcoming seasons promising even more loot for us players to enjoy. As well as at least one new hero per season which to be honest is the thing to be most excited about. 

Overall Apex Legends is one of those surprise hits that hopefully won’t be forgotten soon

The game has a lot to offer and the microtransactions are quite good and don’t lock you out of too much things if you have the time to grind. If you still haven’t tried it go ahead it’s free and it’s different to what you might just be used to from normal battle royale titles. 

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