All You Need to Know About Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

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Everything You Need to Know About Black Ops 4 Multiplayer:

          This guide will point at with everything you need to know about the multiplayer mode for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 builds upon the system laid out in Black Ops 3. The specialist class system is back and bigger than ever. Perks have been retooled for a richer gameplay. The weapons have been balanced enough to make new players feel like they can go toe to with veteran players but still have weapons you look forward to unlocking in the higher levels. The game modes have been updated and are a mixture of good solo play and teamwork.

                Just like in Black Ops 3, the specialist class system also you to have a super like ability (similar to the way supers work in Dor Overwatch). These supers allow players to rack up kills quickly or get out of a tight spot. You gain energy for your super by getting kills, securing objectives, and completing game mode objectives. The specialist and their equipment are as follows:

·         Battery

o   War Machine

§  A grenade launcher that fires ricochet grenade rounds. They explode after a small period or by hitting enemies.

o   Equipment: Cluster Grenade

§  A sticky grenade that explodes in several smaller grenades.

·         Torque

o   Barricade

§  A deploy shield that protects players from small arms fire. Has a microwave field integrated in to the shield that slows and damages enemies.

o   Equipment: Razor Wire

§  A deployable wire that slows enemies and damages them over time.

·         Recon

o   Vision Pulse

§  A pulse wave that reveals enemies in close proximity for a period. This buff is shared with the whole team.

o   Equipment: Sensor Dart

§  Similar to Vision Pulse, this reveals enemies near it and displays them on the minimap. Again, this is shared with the whole team.

·         Seraph

o   Annihilator

§  A high impact revolver that shoots bullets that rip into your enemies. Effectively a one shot kill.

o   Equipment: Tac-Deploy

§  Allows players to respawn at the location it was deployed at. Team members can also spawn at that location too.

·         Ruin

o   Grav Slam

§  A ground pound that creates a massive seismic blast that kills enemies within a radius around the player.

o   Equipment: Grapple Gun

§  Allows players to swing like Spiderman. Can reach places up high or far away.

·         Crash

o   TAK-5

§  Heals both the player and 4 other team members. Bonus, works through walls.

o   Assault Pack

§  Deployable ammo bags that give bonus points for killing enemies.

·         Firebreak

o   Purifier

§  Flamethrower. Enough said.

o   Equipment: Reactor Core

§  Creates radiation field that damages enemies with an added bonus of reducing max health for a period of time.

·         Ajax

o   Ballistic Shield

§  This one is a bit weird. It’s similar to how the shield works from zombies but it transforms and has a built-in pistol that is full auto.

o   Equipment: 9-Bang

§  A flashbang that if held for a period of time, can explode multiple times.

·         Nomad

o   K9-Unit

§  An attack dog that can be following you, attacking nearby enemies or set to guard certain location.

o   Equipment: Mesh Mine

§  A deployable mine that can be set up to act as a trip wire.

·         Prophet

o   Tempest

§  A rifle that shoots shock rounds that stuns and kills enemies.

o   Equipment: Seeker Shock Mine

§  A moving shock drone that seeks out enemies and stuns them on contact.

The perk system this time around has been slightly altered with new mechanics and perks. Just like in previous games. The perks are spilt up into three colors: red, green, and blue. The blue perks are as followed:

  • Scavenger
    • Allows players to pick up ammo from enemies’ bodies.
  • Engineer
    • Allows players to see enemy traps and score-streaks. This perk also allows for players to re-roll care packages.
  • Flak Jacket
    • Player takes less damage from explosives.
  • Tactical Mask
    • Increased resistance to enemy equipment

Next up are green perks:

  • Lightweight
    • Increased sprint speed and the player doesn’t take fall damage
  • Skulker
    • Increased crouch walk speed and prone crawl speed
  • Cold Blooded
    • Increased damage resistance to enemy Ability, equipment, and Scorestreak.
  • Gung-Ho
    • Allows players to fire their weapon and use equipment while sprinting and keeps normal speed when reloading
  • Dexterity
    • Mantle, climb, slide, and swap weapons faster.

Lastly, the red perks:

  • Ghost
    • Undetectable by enemy equipment and score-streaks
  • Team Link
    • Players can see teammates through walls and create a fog of war around them.
  • Dead Silence
    • Player’s footsteps are muted and detection from Acoustic Sensor
  • Tracker
    • Players can see enemies’ footsteps and is related alerted when you are revealed in enemy’s Fog of War.

The game modes are a mixture of old classics and new thrilling modes. There is Control, Domination, Free for All, Hardpoint, Heist, Kill Confirmed, Search and Destroy, and Team Deathmatch in the core playlist. In the hardcore playlist we have Domination, Free for All, Kill Confirmed, Search and Destroy, and Team Deathmatch

This following section will detail every gun that players have access to in multiplayer:

o   Assault rifles

o   ICR-7

o   Rampart 17

o   KN-57

o   Vapr-XKG

o   Maddox RFB

o   Submachine guns

o   MX9

o   GKS

o   Spitfire

o   Cordite

o   Saug 9mm

o   Tactical rifles

o   Auger DMR

o   ABR 223

o   Swordfish

o   Light machine guns

o   Titan

o   Hades

o   VKM 750

o   Sniper rifles

o   Titan

o   Hades

o   VKM 750

o   Pistols

o   Strife

o   RK 7 Garrison

o   Mozu

o   Shotguns

o   MOG 12

o   SG12

o   Launchers

o   Hellion Salvo

Guns are unlocked by leveling up. Each level will net you a unlock. A perk, a new specialist, a new weapon, everything is unlocked through leveling. If you want to level up fast and don’t have them time? Go and visit our COD BOOSTING and check out our cod boosting options. The max level a player can reach is level 55 and 10 prestiges. After that, players can rank up all the way to level 1000. This will net the player the title of Prestige Master.

Hopefully this guide helps you ready to take the multiplayer mode by storm. If you need help getting that next level or aiming to become Prestige Master, please visit out Call of Duty Multiplayer leveling section. This has been Aussie. Stay low and stay frosty.