Call of Duty Black ops 4 Blackout guide

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Everything you need to know CoD BO4 BlackOut game mode.

                In this new iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, they decide to add a battle royal mode. This is to keep up with the modern trend set by Fortnite and Player Unknown Battle Grounds. This mode has its own leveling system, gameplay style, and is far different than anything else that has been added to the series.

                This new battle royal mode is called Blackout. 88 players go in, one comes out alive. Like other games in the genre, the player must search the map to find weapons, health, ammo, and other items to stay alive. Players can go in solo or squad up with 3 other players. Players can also find vehicles to help them move quickly over the massive map.

                Currently, there is only one map for this game mode but with the way that Activision and Treyarch handles their DLC, I would not be surprised if more maps will be added. The current map is a large open map filled open field, manufacturing plants, and even large cities and towns. This map offers areas that will challenge the player and gives plenty of opportunities for staging an ambush. The cool thing is that these areas are built upon fan favorite maps. Not just multiplayer maps either. One part of the map uses the old Asylum map from the original zombie’s mode back in Call of Duty World at War. The map’s blend of these fan favorite maps adds a feel of familiarity to these areas. Returning players will recognizes these areas and new players will get to explore classic maps from the previous games.

                One cool thing is that you can unlock character skins. Now, before you go screaming that it is a Fortnite clone, just listen to this. These skins are based off characters from the past Black op games. Characters such as Reznov, Mason, Hudson, Woods, and other characters. You can even unlock zombie characters. This includes old characters like Tank Dempsy and Richtofen, but also includes the new characters from the chaos story line. Most of these skins you can unlock by leveling up, but some are earned by completing challenges.

                Now, the one thing that Call of Duty does not usually do well with is vehicles. Either the controls feel lifeless or are just unusable. The good news is, for Blackout, the controls for these vehicles are better than ever. Players can find trucks, quad bikes, and helicopters around the map. These help with getting to the next zone or getting out of a tricky firefight. These vehicles do not feel over powered but are not too weak that they will explode after one shot.

                Another mechanic added to the mode is the wingsuit. This allows players to glide across the map while airborne. The wingsuit activates whenever the player is falling from a great height. This means, jumping from a skyscraper and falling from a helicopter will activate the wingsuit. Making sure the player won’t fall to their death. This adds another method of movement that if done correctly, is fast and enjoyable.

                Blackout also brings in some of the items from multiplayer. Such as grapping hooks, deployable shields, RC cars, and some other killstreak items. This allows for different gameplay styles to form base of what you find around the map. You can swing like Spiderman around the cities or do some sneaky recon with the RC car. Either way, this adds a new level to the battle royal genre that makes it better.

                 The leveling system is pretty similar to the system used in multiplayer. Except the max level has been increased to 80 but there is no prestige. You gain exp by killing enemies and completing challenges, of course. But, you gain extra exp by lasting longer in the match. If you are having a hard time leveling up or just don’t have the time, please visit our COD boosting tab for our boosting options.

This game mode brings new life into the series and is full action and excitement. This mode challenges players and brings a new competitive side to the game. There is plenty of challenges to complete and items to unlock. There are plans to add more to the game mode but, for right now, it seems like a good start. If you find yourself wanting a level up or wanting a certain skin/item, please check out our COD Blackout boosting packages for Blackout. Have fun on the battlefield and make you come out on top.