Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Lore

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Today we will look over an extremely interesting topic, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Lore.

Hello, Call of Duty enthusiasts, let’s look through the story in Black Ops 4. People might think that they are already familiar with the story in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 but there are some things that are hidden unless you know where to search for. Inside the maps, lies a big amount of Easter eggs which shows the attention to detail inserted from the developers.  The maps Casino and Lockup, which were recently released in the Black Ops 4 DLC Pass, follow perfectly the theme set by Operation Grand Heist. Casino is a multiplayer map, set in Monaco, where criminals have busted into the Uccello Casino. In the very start of each match, the thieves fly off with helicopters and the loot, while the cops arrive at the front entrance. This makes the start of this map quite unique compared to the others in the game.

It appears that the Uccello is hosting a Grand Prix event, and one of the sponsors of the event is Diaysler Robotics. In Black Ops 4 launch map Arsenal, we learned that Diaysler Robotics is responsible for developing high-end weapons, including scorestreaks used in the Black Ops series.

Almost all of the fights are in the center of the casino, where you can see slot machines named after other Call of Duty modes and maps like Pack-a-Punch machine, and Nuketown. Uccello’s art displays a great level of map design created by the developers at “Treyarch”. Some paintings are portraits in the style of the Old Masters like Rembrandt. The Casino even has an archway mural of the Nuketown Island locations from the Blackout map. The art on the walls can tell us, that classic Black Ops characters are being brought back to life. Just like the Blackout archway, there is another archway at the Uccello painted with pirate ships and islands. Some of the slot machines even are pirate or treasure themed, which contributes to the casino vibe. In the past, Call of Duty multiplayer maps were inspired by the campaign of the game, but there is no story mode in Black Ops 4 from which they can be inspired from.

While Casino’s art leaves us with a lot of questions and theories, Lockup gives us some interesting tidbits of lore and possible future implementations are going to be made in the game. Treyarch designed Lockup with the idea to create a different playstyle with the rooftop gun fights. It takes place in a police HQ, after some kind of terrorist attack. You will be able to find some lore clues, if you explore the interior and the Investigations areas on the map.  On the wall is a corkboard with clippings, containing clues to some kind of an investigation being conducted by the police. One of the clipping shows a scene of a church robbery, connecting Seaside’s church to the story. Hacienda is also shown as a part of Lockup’s ongoing investigation. Full of guns and coke, Hacienda is a mansion owned by a crime boss, who is being investigated for his connections to organized crime. The Gridlock map is referenced in a news clipping about a heist in Japan. The maps Icebreaker and Militia are also mentioned. The variety of locations in the ongoing investigations feature maps from the Black Ops series and they all point to a man with an eye patch. All these clues can only lead to Raul Menendez, who you might remember back from Black Ops 2. He is an unlockable character in Blackout and he is linked with Savannah Mason according to the files in the Specialist HQ.

David Vonderhaar, the design director and Miles Lesle, the producer of “Treyarch” Studios mentioned in a recent interview that they are trying to tell a story with each new map. If you are interested in the lore of the game, feel free to check out the recently released comic books which you can find online for free. The Black Ops franchise throughout the years has always given us great stories. In a game with no single player campaign, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 seems to have deeper lore in the background compared to whole story modes of previous games. With each and every new map released, “Treyarch” reveals the crazy secret story of the game and we can’t seem to have enough. There are Easter Eggs and teasers scattered throughout the maps. It could also include some references to new maps and future DLCs that are in the works. We hope the development of the Black Ops story continues and it doesn’t end up unfinished and left behind because of the new entry in the Call of Duty franchise. Although future installments might have references to Call of Duty Black Ops 4 as well as a possibility of even going deeper into the current story. Who knows what exactly Activision and the returning CFO Dennis Durkin have in-store for us. All we can do unfortunately is wait for any new information that “Treyarch” might release, surrounding the franchise, which will hopefully be soon.

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