Call of Duty Black ops 4 Release date and more

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Call of duty black ops 4 release date, beta and all you need to know about the game.


First of all, what is call of duty black ops 4:

Call of duty black ops 4 is a First person, team based multiplayer game. It is the fifth game of the call of duty series. It will bring to its players a futuristic, full of adventures gameplay with a competitive PvP and of course the Battle Royale mode.

Call of Duty black ops 4 will not have a single player campaign unlike the previous series of the game.

What will be the gameplay of COD4?

There will be 4 classes, each with a different role during the game, called specialists.

·         Torque: This is the builder of your team. You can make barricades to control firing lanes in the game, as well as more advanced deployment of barbed wire. Torque's barricades have heat and distortion fields built-in, so anyone looking to challenge the area you're denying will have a tough time.

·         Ajax: When you need someone to push into an enemy zone, Ajax is the pick. He has a shield, and the shield has a hole in it, so whoever uses him can still be a deadly force. Ajax also has a flashbang that can be cooked, and the longer you cook it, the more flashes it will set off.

·         Recon: A new fog of war mechanic means enemies won't always show up on your radar whenever they shoot, so Recon's goal is to reveal them.

·         Crash: Medic fans will love Crash. He can not only heal allies, but he can also buff them in certain ways. And if you're wondering why he has to heal anyone, it's because Black Ops 4 will not have regenerative health.


The equipment and weapons of all characters will be the same, however their impact during the gameplay will be quite significant. Also, there will be character specific items, only suitable for a specific character.

Weapon and armor modes will be something that will change the gameplay. You can choose for example for a better range of a weapon, but less damage or more damage and less range.

Game maps:

There will be 5 different maps in COD4, and they will be similar to maps from previous versions of the game. Maps will be:




Firing Range


Jungle, Slums, Summit and firing range will be available from the start, but the Nuketown will arrive on a later date.

The only solo part of the game, will be short missions different for every specialist, that will expose its strengths and weaknesses and give you a brave idea how all of the classes work in game.

Zombie mode:

This will be a co op PvE mode, where you and up to 3 more people can fight against a horde of zombies on different maps, with different waves. Each wave will be timer based and will spawn on different time-sensitive map objectives.

There will be 3 zombie maps with the launch of the game. While playing the Zombie mode, you will have the option to choose from 4 different characters: Scarlett, Shaw, Diego, and Bruno.

You will be able to customize your gameplay, weapons, armors and starting points while you play the Zombie mode, which will bring a wide variety of possible scenarios while The other interesting aspect of the zombie mode will be “mutations”. You can choose how difficult the zombies will be, how much damage and health they will have, as well as what special affects they will have. There will be more than 100 different types of mutations, so it can make the zombie mode incredibly hard and intense.

Blackout mode, aka Battle royale mode.

Black ops 4 will bring its own, call of duty based battle royale mode. There is not a lot of official information for it yet, but so far they said that the map will be incredible big. Similar to other battle royale games, you will drop from the air to a certain location without any kind of equipment. While the game progresses, you will start gathering loot and you will have to remain the last man/team standing. So far they are planning 3 types of battle royale mode: Solo, Duo and 4man squads.

The Black ops pass:

This is something new to CoD games. On previous game versions, in order to achieve the new content, you had to purchase new playable maps for a flat rate. This is something that will change in CoD Black ops 4. They will make a system, quite similar to D2, where on a preset period of time, they will launch new content just like DLC. The first DLC of the game will be released 2019, and during the year of 2019, they are planning adding 12 new Zombie maps. It is good to mention, that if you purchase the digital deluxe edition of the game at launch, you will have the Black Ops pass at launch, meaning you will not have to purchase anything extra during 2019.


There is not an official beta release date, but according to rumours around the game, it will be launched during the august, 2018. In order to participate in the close beta tests however, you will have to pre-purchase the game so you will get a beta acess once it goes live. At some point, there will be an open beta but we expect that happening during October, shortly before the release of the game.

Release date:

Call of duty black ops 4 will be released on October 12, and if you pre-purchase the game, you will have 1 day earlier acess.