Call of Duty Black ops 4 Zombies Guide

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Everything You Need to Know About the New Zombie Mode in Black Ops 4

                With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, marks the 5th iteration of the Zombie mode game type in the series. This Iteration brings new life into an already fantastic game mode. Like in the Black Ops 3 version of zombies, the leveling system is back. With this, you can unlock different perks, elixirs, weapons, loadouts, and attachments. New to this addition, you can complete challenges, create different load outs, have access 4 different super abilities, and much more.

                Speaking of perks, the perk system has been revamped. Instead of having 10+ perk machines littered around the map, there are only 4. These perk machines do not have a set perk assigned to them. So, you may be asking, what does that mean? Well, as you level up, you unlock different perks. These perks are then assigned by the player in your loadout. This means you have added layer of customized gameplay.

                Elixirs are the replacement of the gobble gum for Black ops three. Most of them are the same for Black Ops 3 but there are a few news and how they work, as a whole, has been modified. Instead of going to a gobble gum machine, players instead start with 4 elixirs that they selected in their class set up. This helps players when they get into a tight corner or when a team member goes down. You can brew them through the laboratory tab using Nebulium Plasma, which you can earn by completing matches.

                In addition to the new elixirs, there are game modifiers called talismans. These talismans are a onetime use item that modifies how the match will go. They range from discounts on wall weapons or even keeping your perks when you go down. These talismans only come from the laboratory. They come with brewing tier 2 or tier 3 elixirs. If you are having trouble with trying to get these talismans, then stop by out boosting tab to see our boosting packages.

                The weapon leveling system from Blacks Op 3 has been brought over and updated for the new Zombies mode. So, as you level up, you gain accesses to different weapons that you can then level up. As you use different weapons more and level up their gun rank, you gain access to new sights, attachments, and other upgrades. Bonus, has you rack up headshots with different weapons, you get different camos for those weapons. You can only unlock these camos with getting headshots with unlocked weapons. No progress will be made until a player has the weapon unlocked.

                The new loadout system is a wonderful in addition to the game mode. So just like in the multiplayer side of the game, players can now create different loadouts. With this, players can choose what perks they want, what starting weapon they start with, what elixirs they want equipped, and so much more. The player starts off with 5 classes that they can customize. They can unlock up to two more classes as they level up. With this, players can custom tailor their experience as they slay through countless waves of zombies.

                In this new loadout system, players can choose from 4 super abilities. These abilities change depending on map you play on. On the maps IX, and voyage of the dead, the super abilities are: Scepter of Ra, Hammer of Valhalla, Chakrams of Vengeance, and Viper and Dragon.

·         Scepter of Ra     

o   Stage 1: Ray of Life

§  Shoots a solar beam that kills enemies and heals team members

o   Stage 2: Vigor

§  Reduces elemental damage when staff is activated

o   Stage 3: Shining Beacon

§  Placing the staff causes a protective bubble to form

·         Hammer of Valhalla        

o   Stage 1: Thunder Strike

§  Gives play a Thor like hammer that lifts enemies into the air. After each kill, player gains armor.

o   Stage 2: Storm Barrier

§  Player can summon a storm the stuns enemies

o   Stage 3: Lighting Bolt

§  Player can shoot a lighting bolt from the hammer

·         Chakrams of Vengeance

o   Stage 1: Flawless Vision

§  Throwing this weapon automatically bounces off enemies to inflict damage to surrounding targets.

o   Stage 2: Velocity

§  Grants a speed boost to player

o   Stage 3: Lacerating Whirlwind

§  Creates a whirlwind of blades around player

·         Viper and Dragon            

o   Stage 1: Viper Dragon

§  Viper: A whip sword that can reach midrange enemies. Dragon: A hand cannon that shoots a large fiery spread of bullets.

o   Stage 2: Embers

§  Viper: Blade swings twice in one swing. Dragon: Gains explosive rounds.

o   Stage 3: Viper Bite

§  Viper: Segments of Blade launch and swirl around an enemy. Dragon: Gains a three-round capacity.

For the maps Blood of the Dead and Classified, the super abilities are: Hellfire, Path of Sorrows, Ragnarök DG-5, and Overkill.

o   Hellfire

o   Stage 1: Flamethrower

§  Player gains a flamethrower that gives the player armor after each zombie killed

o   Stage 2: Blast Vent

§  Releases a burst of pressurized air, sending enemies flying.

o   Stage 3: Infernal Tempest

§  Creates a tornado of flames

o   Path of Sorrows

o   Stage 1: Kaze Slash

§  Grants players a super powerful sword.

o   Stage 2: Merciless Dash

§  Player can change an attack and dash thorough a group of enemies. Killing all that stand in the blades path.

o   Stage 3: Shadow of Death

§  Player becomes invisible to zombies

o   Ragnarök DG-5

o   Stage 1: Shock Slam

§  Player can ground pound to create a massive shockwave.

o   Stage 2: Electrocute

§  Grants play a powerful electrical field around their body, that fires arcs of electricity that damage nearby enemies.

o   Stage 3: Power Plant

§  Plant the spikes into the ground to spawn a powerful electro-magnetic field. Works similar to the bubble that forms with the Scepter of Ra.

o   Overkill

o   Stage 1: Onslaught

§  Grants player a minigun

o   Stage 2: Grenade Launcher

§  adds a grenade launcher to the underside of the weapon

o   Stage 3: Tactical Nuke

§  Overkill goes into self-destruction mode. Player can throw the weapon and create a massive nuclear explosion.

Each special weapon has three stages. To reach these stages, all you must do is get kills with the weapon. Progress made to get to these stages will reset at the end of the match.

                Another game mechanic that was brought over from Black ops 3 is the leveling system. Just like in multiplayer, players can level up and unlock items. One major addition that was added to the new leveling system, is all the new challenges. These challenges are like how the multiplayer challenges work. From these challenges you gain exp to help level up and once you fully complete a challenge, you unlock a new calling card. If you are looking to unlock a certain calling card or waiting to level up your zombie level, then check out our Call of Duty Black ops 4 zombies  boosting.

                Outside of the major addition and tweaks to the game mode, there are minor tweaks to the in-game mechanics. For example, power up drops take a few seconds to spawn. So instead of dropping as soon as you kill a zombie, it will spawn a green light. After a few seconds the power up will spawn. Another change made is the max ammo will refill not only your ammo reserves, but now the clip in your mag. So, gone the days of old where you must scream out reload to your friends before picking up. Gone are the days of accidently picking up the nuke while trying to points farm.

                Hopefully this small guide gives you everything you need to start killing the unending waves of zombies. If you need help or needing a level up, please stop by our CoD bo4 boosting services for more information. This has been Aussie and keep killing those freak bags.