COD BO4 Updates and Blackout Tips

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Hello fellow Black Ops 4 fans! Here at are eager to find out what is going to happen with Call of Duty these following weeks as well as mention some of the recent changes.

Also if you are interested in tips regarding the Blackout mode we will give you some just after the news. Now let us start with the information regarding the game overall first. There was a patch released on 1st of March that was quite poorly received by the players.  Just last week Treyarch updated Black Ops 4 and with that update Along came the buffs and nerfs. They were mostly focused on changes for the Multiplayer and the League Play modes in the game. It seems that changes were made to the current API of COD. Stat tracking was disabled and players could not get this information without permission. Even the site Call of Duty Tracker was disabled due to the patch which left quite a big number of fans agitated. Activision and Treyarch promised to give the players leaderboards and combat records, but failed. And unfortunately there have been no comments from Activision nor Treyarch about these changes as of yet. This has been a bit of an issue for most people but we will see how they handle it hopefully soon. Its best kept in mind that Black Ops 4 is the 15th installment in the Call of Duty franchise and won the 2018 Gamer’s Choice Award as a Favorite Shooter Game meaning that they will definitely learn from their mistakes and fix it as soon as possible.

Last month, Activision revealed details about this year’s installment in the Call of Duty games family. In the Q&A the new President of Activision Rob Kostich said that 2019’s COD game will include “an entirely new campaign, a huge and expansive multiplayer world and some fun co-op gameplay”. This was the first time since 2017 Activision confirmed the return of the campaign mode since Call of Duty WW2.

Over at Black Ops 4, Operation Grand Heist was introduced to the fans. Treyarch teased about two new multiplayer maps for Black Ops Pass owners, new zombie perks and an updated Blackout map.

Now we will dive into the tips and tricks we can share with you. In the Battle royale mode Blackout you can play solo, duo with a friend or with a whole squad (quads). Here are some tips for winning, no matter how you choose to play, the fundamentals of the game are the same.  For the Battle royale beginners, keep in mind that you do not have to land in hot areas in order to find great gear. Be near to the zone though, you don’t want to get too far off and have to run to the zone and get shot by everybody. Also as cheesy as it may sound, always try to keep the high ground it will help you a lot. Next up are the guns – you would want to take a rifle with a larger magazine, the more the rounds the better. Don’t be greedy though, don’t go for loot out in the open as that is the most likely way you will be shot. Most of the fights in Blackout depend on the number of hits instead of the damage, so the best choice of a weapon could be a rifle with low recoil and high bullet count in the magazine. Snipers are good for long range, you can use the optics to see what’s happening on the horizon, but do not get too dependent on them. Look for optics for the rifles and suppressor while looting. A suppressor deafens your shots and makes it harder for your opponents to find out where you are on the map.

In Blackout, armor is not that important or not worth the risk most of the times. Armor is nice and great if you can have it, but it is not worth risking your life to get it, again just be careful with the risks you take. Headshots are always worth it in Blackout, because it is a mode where people would have tons of armor and health so if you are able to hit that sweet headshot, go for it. Also if you get that headshot kill, you can grab your dead opponent’s armor undamaged.

Something else important even if it doesn’t seem so at first is to get comfortable with the d-pad in Blackout. It will help you with swapping items and equipment you’ve found very fast which is key in this mode. Use the med kits first in a fight, they are more useful than bandages because of the bigger amount of health they recover and it’s faster to use them. Sometimes games are easily won by equipment and perks. The guns and the skill to use them will take you to the late game, but the equipment and how you use it will in most situations win the game for you.

Don’t start fights in the mid game, if it’s not beneficial. Get to cover, position yourself and use your instincts because the mid game is the slowest part of the match. Use your environment, utilize it and make use of the shadows surrounding you. Pay attention to the number of players left at all times and decide if the one random kill is worth you going into a fight. Warming up in multiplayer could be very useful. Practice your aiming, positioning in order to feel comfortable and confident.

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