What Multiplayer Game Modes will be in COD Cold War



What Multiplayer game modes will be included in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


Today we will be taking a look at the various of game modes which you can enjoy while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This is the newest addition to the Call of Duty franchise which many of us have been impatiently waiting for. First, we will start off with introducing all of the Multiplayer game modes and also provide you with some interesting tips and tricks for them.

First off let us start with Fireteam: Dirty bomb and the interesting things it offers. Fireteam overall is a mode that pits 10 team of four players against each other on the game’s biggest maps. It is quite the enjoyable experience and can even be said that this is the most fun and innovative game mode of them all, especially if you have 3 other friends to play with and make yourself a proper team. During the Dirty Bomb mode though you will have a very simple but difficult objective to complete. You will be required to locate and retrieve uranium and deposit it into your Dirty Bomb, which interestingly enough can totally wipe out parts of the map. Here you will have to reply mainly on your Loadouts and Vehicles as they are the most important things so that you can be successful. The goal is to reach the score limit before the others. In order to gain points, you can kill enemies, gather uranium and even detonate the bombs arounds the map.

Now let us help you out with some tips you might not know in the beginning. First off keep in mind that only one player is required to arm the bomb but the more allies there are around, the faster it becomes. Always make sure to huddle up next to your teammate but also keep an eye out for enemies as you do not want to lose out on the points earned by the bomb and also have your squad wiped.

If you have a whole team of friend playing with you it is always a good idea to designate roles and have your Loadout represent the role you have selected. For example, if you wish to be the one deploying the bomb, it is good to take Flak Jacket or a Trophy System Field Upgrade. Always be prepared with a good loadout for the actions you wish to take as that will be very important in winning the game.

Next up is the VIP Escort mode, which is one of the new ones introduced to the game. Here you will have to escort a player from your side which is randomly selected as a VIP. The mode itself is simple and basically the escorting team can only lose if the VIP is killed or the two-and-a-half-minute timer reaches zero. Respectively if the attacking team cannot eliminate the VIP or delay the defenders enough, they will lose the round. Keep in mind that there are no respawns in this mode so you should always be careful when advancing as one mistake can cost you the whole game.

If you are ever selected as a VIP you will have a very important job, that being surviving. That is why you should always stick with your team and not run off into the sunset as soon as the round starts. Always try to stay in the back and if possible, communicate constantly as that way you can share your strategy and have your teammates follow it.

Combined Arms: Assault is a mode that supports 12v12 teams that are tasked with capturing various objectives across the map. Here we have a neutral starting point located in the middle of the map and by capturing it, the team that has done it will unlock a new objective closer to the enemy base. This is basically something like a tug-a-war type of mode. By capturing zones and getting kills, your team gains momentum which reduces the time it takes to capture a zone. This means that if you steamroll your enemies in the beginning it can turn into a really quick game. With this mode you will have to stick together with your team and keep in mind that leaving teammates behind while attacking will leave you at a massive disadvantage. Always pack grenades as people tend to often group up when playing Assault so you can deal massive damage with them.

Combined Arms: Domination is basically a larger scale Domination Game mode. Instead of there being only 3 points that need to be captured, depending on the map there can be several more. The difference here is that since it is a Combined Arms mode, you will have access to various of vehicles that include tanks, Gunboats and others. The point here is to reach 400 points first and that is the gist of this mode, which many of you should be familiar with. Here you just need to keep in mind that at times it is not necessary to have all points captured but the majority and then defend them.

The ever-popular Team Deathmatch is the next mode we will talk about. Many of you are most likely familiar with it so we will not go into much detail. Basically, it offers a 6v6 or 12v12 rumble where the team that reaches the point limit wins. In order to gain points, you just have to make kills and be better that the other team in this regard. Still always keep in mind that blindly rushing and running around corners can get you killed and put your team at a point disadvantage. Learning the maps is also important as by doing that you will be more prepared for enemy ambushes or even make some of your own.

Domination is the next mode which we will talk about. As previously mentioned with its Combined Arms version it is not something that is incredibly new and inventive. Here you will have to take control of 3 points across the map and reach the required point limit.

Lastly, we will be taking a look at Hardpoint. This is once again a classical Call of Duty game mode that will have two teams of 6 players facing off against each other trying to capture a rotating objective on the map known as Hardpoint. Every minute of play the zone you have to capture moves and the end goal is to reach 250 points or have the highest total points at the end of the 5-minute timer.

With this we hope that we were helpful in introducing the game to you and all the changes which can be expected. Now let us take a look at what we can do to help you overcome any obstacle you might face. Just for example we have Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War camo boosting and even leveling. These options are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what we can do to assist you.

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