Changes in D2 during February


Changes and announcements during February.

We just started the second month of the year and Bungie has already released some important news and updates for D2.

Let’s see what they have in store for us. There will be clan system changes, new exotic enhancements and the Joker’s Wild expansion and some other interesting stuff that we will get into below.

The clan system in D2 will become a hybrid version. The vast activities in the open world will be of chief importance to level up the clan. The weekly clan bounties will remain a way to get a large amount of XP in the PvE and the PvP sections of the game in each week’s rotation. The bigger the clan level, the greater the rewards will be so you have to level it up a bit if you want to get the most of it. The exotic catalyst will also return in season 6. Teams with rank five will have an increased drop chance for crucible catalysts when they complete the clan activities.

Also, Bungie pointed out, that the Ethereal Keys will ONLY stack up to five times in the Season of the Drifter. That means players won’t be able to stack up as many keys as they want in order to dump them for powerful gear which will mean that there will have to be some item management done on the player’s part.

Joker’s Wild and the Season of the Drifter were announced that they will be released most likely in March. Until then, players will have Crimson Days event, starting on February 12th and ending on February 19th.

Love is in the air!

With the Valentine’s Special “Crimson Days”, Bungie introduces to the players a round-based mode in which they will be encouraged with a “Crimson Bond” to stay closer to their partner in order to recharge abilities way faster. This will most likely lead to better bonds with other players or will destroy such bonds. Also keep in mind that even if you are a solo player matchmaking will help you out and find you the perfect half.

Unfortunately, it was also announced that some Triumphs and rewards may not be available on characters that haven’t completed the Red War campaign and are under Level 20.

Completing special quests during the mode will give players exclusive cosmetic items. When finishing five Crimson Days matches, a Ghost shell emblem will be given to the players, and a new Exotic ornament will be available if they complete the Leviathan raid for which we offer a D2 Boosting service. Rewards from last year’s event will make a return alongside a new solar bow -The Vow.

It is expected a new six-on-six mode in March, changes to strikes and a new Prestige is coming in May.

Remember Xur? If you played D2, you may recognize Xur, the Exotic item merchant. He’s back and he is all over the place.

This week, he can be found in the Tower. If you need the Skyburner’s Oath, The Dragon’s Shadow, the titan’s gauntlets Wormgod, The Sunbracers or the Isochronal Engram, you can get them this week. Xur is also offering specific rolls on each armor piece, which can grant different perks.

With the new 2.1.4 patch, Bungie wants to bring some new life to the game. It fixes some and re-balances some problems, bringing back some of the older Supers in the modern age with damage buffs. This is one of the biggest and most interesting changes in the patch as it will affect the game quite noticably.  

Getting a headshot with the Golden Gun will now refund more energy, it will also get a little base damage buff. The Moebius Quiver is also getting buffed with increased damage from the arrows, activation time (slightly longer duration 4 seconds approximately) and slight tether range improvement.  Nova Warp gets removed from the game. A major tease is that Thorn will be returning in the Joker’s wild which we will hopefully see soon. Bungie confirmed that in the Last Word trailer.

For the deep lore and story seekers of the Duniverse, Bungie announced that the DComic Collection Volume One and DGrimoire Anthology Volume Two are coming out soon.

The 144-page collaboration volume one DComic Collection will be available this Summer plus never before seen stories , new behind the scenes galleries featuring stories written by the author of Marvel’s The Unbeatable Squirrel, Dinosaur Comics Ryan North and Kris Anka (Marvel’s X-Men and Star Lord). All we know for sure is, that the “Cayde’s Six” comic will be released in the Comic Collection.

It was also announced that for the lovers of the first Grimoire Anthology, Volume Two will deploy sometime in Fall.

The titles will be available for purchase at the Bungie Store. You can hit the “Email When Available” button in the Bungie Store to be among the first to know when the books will be open for pre-order.

Some of the additional languages will be announced, as for now, the comic collection and anthology is in English only.

The 2.2.0 patch will lay the foundation of Joker’s Wild and a lot more changes. We’ve got an early preview of the one-eyed mask’s balance updates that Bungie are currently working on.

Also, they will be fixing the Titan skating exploit, where Titans can skate and move around pretty quickly on the PC version of the game. It will be still possible, but it will require more skill and knowledge of the game for a player to do so.

Another tease affecting all platforms is Bungie’s attempts to improve the usage of sniper rifles and bringing more high-end PvP style snipers into the game, so we should expect more low-zoom snipers anytime as of season 6.

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