D2 Black Armory DLC



D2 black armory DLC

                D2 Forsaken brought a wave of fresh breath into the game and brought players back. With the wave of Forsaken dying down, players are looking for the next bit of content. Coming in December, the Black Armory is coming to D2. It will be launching dropping the 4th of December.

                To start off with, the black armory will see the official return of the heavy machine gun. Which has been missing from the game since launch. Players got their first taste of the heavy machine gun type of heavy weapons with the drop of the Thunder Lord that come at the tail end of the Festival of the Lost event.

                This DLC will not add any new story to the game. Though, it will add new locations that are four forges. This is where players can challenge themselves to earn armor and weapons. All brand-new loot is being added with this DLC. New weaponry, new armor, and all new exotics. It seems like most of the new loot will be obtained through these forges.

                The power level will also get an increase. Black Armory will take the max light level from 600 to 650. This will give players a good amount of grinding to do. Seems like the main focus is going to be completing the challenges that the forges give. Speaking of the forges, it seems like how the are similar to how the blind well runs. The biggest difference is each forge has its own set of enemies and includes matching making. So, no longer do players just have to sit around and wait for other players to show up. With the forges, a new vendor by the name of Ada-1 will be added. This the vendor that will head up the forges and the activates surrounding them.

                As mentioned before, there is no new major story addition coming with this DLC. Though, there is going to be a brand-new raid dropping called Scourge of the Past. This raid will take place in the ruins of the last city. It is unknown what come with it, but it will be nice to get to explore more of the last city and hopefully might even see some old stuff from D1.

                So, just like last season, there are new “Pinnacle” weapons. The guns last season were Luna’s Howl and Redrix Claymore. Now, this season, each game mode has one. One for Gambit, one for Vanguard, and one for Crucible. These weapons are for the players that are the best of the best. These weapons take a serious amount of skill and time to get. If you want to get these weapons and don’t have the time or skill, stop by our D2 Boosting tab for our options.

                It really seems like they want to give the players the content they have been craving. Black Armory will add a lot of content that with help the game in the long term. With the addition of the forges and the new raid, there is plenty of stuff players can come back to and play. The release date is set for the 4th of December, but new weaponry and armor has already snuck its way into the game. Remember, if you need help getting of the new “Pinnacle” weapons or need a raid clear. Stop by our D2 Boosting tab for out boosting packages. Eyes up Guardians and be brave.