D2 Dawning event and all you need to know about it.



D2’s 2018 Dawning event and other updates:

                It is that time of year again, D2’s dawning event is right around the corner and there are goodies and loot galore. As usually, Eververse will have a brand-new loot table for the event but not everything can be gotten through Eververse. There will be an old friend returning to the tower this year. For the players who played the original D2, there was a holiday vendor by the name of Eva Levante. Well I am glad to announce that she will be making her return in this year’s Dawning event. She will be working similar to how Amanda Holliday did back in the Festival of the Lost that happened earlier this year. This event will run from December 11th to January 1st.

                Now, some of the loot from this event has already been teased. Bar the exotic ships, emotes, and sparrows that always come with these events, there is something else being added on. It is a gun, a massive heavy machine gun. The gun is called Avalanche and from the meta data is seems to only be a legendary weapon but seems to be packing a punch.

                Other loot can be obtained through Eva, such as armor and other cosmetics. The way players can obtain these items is by killing enemies and complete bounties to earn ingredients. These ingredients are used to make baked goods which can be used to get loot. Now, the one big issue with this whole thing is that ingredient packs are going to be sold at Eververse. Now, not all ingredients will be sold and will only be used as fast tracking, it still feels like a cash grab.

                Other ways to obtain loot is by completing the new Triumphs being released with the event. They will work similar to how the Festival of the lost Triumphs. These will unlock emblems, shaders, armor, the machine gun previously mentioned, and an exotic sparrow that is a twisted version of Santa’s sleigh. In the Eververse, they are going to add a special type of emote. These emotes are called multiplayer emotes. Which sound weird but stay with me. They are emotes that players can join up on. So, if you player starts one of these emotes, players can join in and sync up. Which players have been doing since the game came out, but it should be interesting to see what comes of these emotes.

                In other news, with the release of the Black Armory, is has been confirmed that the Last Word from D1 will be making its return to D2. Now, from current news, the Last Word will not be altered from its D1. For new players that do not know what the Last Word is, the last Word is an exotic hand cannon that was a year 1 exotic for D1. It was a Crucible monster because it was one of the fast firing hand cannons in the game and its impact damage was unrivaled. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the meta once this gun is released. More than likely there will be a questline or bounty tied to the weapon. Once the gun drops and you want to get it hassle free, please visit our D2 Boosting tab for our options.

                Speaking of exotics, players have been reporting that their drop rate for exotics and prime engrams has increased. According to one player, that writes for Forbes, he was able to get 6 exotic drops in the span of 12 hours. Now, this doesn’t sound like a lot. The thing is though, as soon as year 2 started, the drop rate was reduced more than half of what is was in year 1. So, for players to get 6 exotics in less than a day of playing, that is a massive improvement. Hopefully, players will feel like their time spent in the game will be a little bit more rewarding and not just feel like a grind fest.

                It really does seem like the holidays are here in D2. With the Dawning event dropping on reset next week and everything else that has been announced, it should be a fun event this year and hopefully be a time for the player base to enjoy and have fun with it. Now, if any of the event items feel like they are too much work or just don’t have the time, please visit our D2 Boosting tab for our packages. Eyes up Gradians and be brave.