D2 Exotic Guide Xenophage machine gun




Today we will be looking at the recently released surprise exotic quest for the Xenophage machine gun. With D2 Shadowkeep’s Festival of the Lost this quest came as quite a pleasant surprise for us player. Keep in mind though that while the gun is quite good and definitely worth it, in order to get it you have to go through a series of interesting but complicated quests. We shall take a look at what is currently known about this hidden quest and give you a short guide on how to acquire it for yourself. 

Enough about the introduction to this amazing machine gun, let us get started with the required steps 

First you will have to go to the Moon and from there navigate to Sorrow’s Harbor. There you will have to enter the tower and go through the beautiful tunnels until you reach a room with a light source in the middle. Go past the light and jump inside the hidden passage which will lead you to a platform with 4 statues, 2 of them being on each side. Here it sometimes changes but in order to unlock the required chest you have to interact with the four statues in a specific pattern. 

One of the possible combinations is if you start off from the right side and interact with the furthest one first and then the closer one. Afterwards navigate to the left side and do the same with the furthest one and then the closest one to the entrance. Afterwards you should see a chest spawn on the balcony, and it will provide you with the next steps you have to take. 

The next steps you will have to do are to locate a certain ball of light located at the Anchor of Light and light up a couple of hidden lecterns

The ball can be located just to the left of the letter A when looking at the map of Anchor of Light. The first lectern you will find will be just next to where the light spawns but keep in mind that you have to light them all up in a specific order, the first one being next to you. There is something else that you have to remember and that is, you have only 60 seconds to navigate between each of the lecterns with the timer resetting when you light one up. 

The next one you have to reach is located above the OF part in the Anchor of Light, the third one is exactly on the R of Ancor, number four is on the third floor of the tower, the fifth one is above the O in Anchor  and the sixth one is below the L in Light. It is recommended that you scout out these locations first, before you start lighting them up. After you light up the sixth one in this order, you will be have to navigate to a location, which the game will provide you and deposit the light. With this we finish up step two of the exotic quest for the Xenophage machine gun.

Now the third steps might seem easy at first but it is actually quite tricky. You will have to complete all of the Lost Sectors located on the Moon but before you exit you will see a wall with a puzzle.  There are a variety of symbols there and you have to make them all match. Each one is quite hard to do and will take some time but there is already a tutorial on how to do it if you want to just get the gun quickly. 

You will have to turn them all the exact way we will list down below:

  1. K1 Revelation: left mid, true mid, true mid, left mid, top mid, bottom mid, true mid, right mid.

  2. K1 Logistics: top left, bottom left, true mid, mid right.

  3. K1 Communion: bottom left, bottom right, top mid, top mid.

  4. K1 Crew Quarters: mid left, top right, bot right, bot right, top middle, top middle, bot middle, true middle, true middle, true middle, all 9, all 9

With this you will have completed the third step in this difficult but rewarding quest, now you will have to enter the new Dungeon called Pit of Heresy. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, it is quite easy, just talk to Eris and complete her quest line. Once you enter the dungeon, there is a place with quite a lot of doors and symbols. Here navigate to the door without a symbol and just interact with it. This is quite a simple step and you should not have many difficulties with completing it.

Finally we reach the last step before acquiring this absolutely amazing exotic gun

When you interact with the gate, the character will be transported to a room next to the one where you fight with the Pariah Ogre. From there navigate to the cliffs and drop down until you reach the ledge with a small plate located on it. 

When you place yourself on it, there will be three platforms which will show up and you will have to navigate through them. On the last platform is located a light which will have to be taken to the door with the fire pits. You should be able to locate it in the nearby tunnels. Afterwards you will have to deal with the final boss. He is not that hard but has an interesting mechanic. 

Once you enter a dread will be assigned to you that corresponds to one of the four elements in the game. All you have to do is get the light in the room and dunk it near the symbol that corresponds with your dread. Once you do that a buff will be given to you and you will be able to damage the boss with your weapons that have that element. Just be sure to carry one of each for this battle. After defeating him the last thing you will have to do is to go to Eris and receive the Exotic Gun Xenophage. 

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