D2 Exotic Weapon Guide: Truth



D2 Exotic Weapon Guide Truth


Up next on our Exotic Weapon guides we will be taking a look at the iconic tracking launcher from the first game, called Truth. A lot of the original players of Dwill most likely be quite familiar with this Exotic Weapon from the D2 Forsaken Season of Opulence. We will be taking a deep dive into how to get this exotic and hopefully be able to assist those of you out there that still do not have it. There are many different kinds of exotic Sniper Rifles, Hand Cannons, Grenade Launchers, Scout Rifles and Auto Rifles out there but this exotic rocket launcher is different than any other weapon!

The first step that you will have to take towards acquiring this weapon is to be at least Power Level 690, and have completed The Invitation Step and the Menagerie on Nessus. The reason for that is because after you defeat the boss you will receive a quest pursuit which will lead you to Petra Venj, which if you are not familiar is located in the Dreaming City. Afterwards you will just have to talk with her in order to receive the mission A Scrap of Paper.

It is quite a straightforward mission that will have you complete an Ascendant Challenge but it is also recommended that you have some Tincture of Queensfoil before embarking on one of these challenges. It is always good to be prepared so that you do not waste needless time afterwards. Upon completing this step, you will receive the next one once you open the chest at the end.

Now this step is the trickier one and will require some walking around and riddle guessing. We will not let you torture yourself on them and will directly guide you to the required places to get the exotic.

First you will just have to complete a Nightfall Strike which will not be hard to do. Next up is a more annoying step and that is to use a Tincture of Queensfoil and locate an Ascendant Chest. This is being used in the Cistern for greatest effect.

Next up you will have to find an Ascendant Chest in the Dtreaming City, the best one to get being the one within Divalian Mists. Lastly you will have to kill an Ogre during a Patrol in The Tangled Shore.

With that you will have finally gathered all the map fragments

The next step though, is decoding each one of them and there are a couple of things that need to be done for that. First complete three Patrol Missions in the Dreaming City, which should not pose much of a challenge. Up nest you will have to farm out Hive on the Tangled Shore, keep in mind that the stronger the hive is, the more points you will get. The goal here is 100 Points from the Hive enemies.

Up next you will have to complete three Nightfall strikes with a power Handicap of 100 or more. While doing that you will also have to kill 60 enemies with rocket launchers. Lastly the next thing you will have to do in order to decode the fragment is to get 50 kills with a rocket launcher while Ascendant on Nessus.

Now that we have decoded all the fragments we will continue with the second to last which can be completed in the Warden of Nothing Strike

Again you will have to get some Tincture of Queensfoil in order to complete this step. Try and save it for the end as that is the place where it is required. During this mission we will of course have to find seven artefacts of the Fallen. There is no need to worry here as the fact that they glow tremendously strongly is more than enough to locate them.

Once you get all of the required ones, you will be informed that the platforms have appeared. Now you will have to complete the seven locations from the Candy From a Baby.

The first one is located on top of a couple boxes stacked just after you enter the first door of the strike. Afterwards navigate to the back corner of the location you fall down the hole in the floor.

The third one can be seen as soon as you enter the room with the four trams. From there just jump on the steel railing and look at the wall. The fourth one is located in the same area as the previous one.

Just fall down into the underground tunnel with the pike, you should see the collective near the gas canister. Upon leaving the tram section you will see on the top of the orange pipes the other collectible.

In the room where you face off against the Minotaur after the barrier drops just go to the right of it and you should see it. Afterwards go under the Scorch Cannon platform to locate the other one. Finally near the area where the B mine was defused, it will be on the top of some boxes.

Lastly you will reach the Boss and just before you kill him, use the Tincture that you were saving. Just look off the edge and you will see the Ascendant Platforms. You will have to navigate down them until you get to the chest which will give you the Launcher Truth which is always amazing in PvP and the Truth quest will be completed. With its tracking abilities once you are aiming down sights nothing will be able to stop you.

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