D2 Forsaken and everything you need to know.



D2: Let’s bring out the big guns!


On the 4th of September Bungie released the biggest expansion so far for “D2”, called “Forsaken”

Let’s take a look at all the differences, that will change the aspect of the game from here on out.

With the new expansion “Forsaken”, Bungie are introducing undeniably darker and grave tone the game. The company decided to embrace the western revenge vibe, without spoiling too much of the story behind “Forsaken”, we will dive in from minute one in a prison break , that results in the death of a friend and an ally. It will be OUR job to bring back the escaped inmates back where they belong.

Something else that will bring a smirky smile to our faces will be the first new area that we will be exploring - The Tangled Shore, part of an area called The Reef, which all of us “D1” players will remember. It is a big dark wasteland, a collection of rocks and asteroids. The NPS that we will be finding in those areas will be mainly thieves, pirates and assassins, one of the more established thieves that we will be meeting is this guy “The Spider”.

But still he is not as much of a threat as the new “bad guys” that are being introduced to the new expansion – The SCORN.

We have to hand it to Bungie , they look amazing! They do have different fighting style so be careful what you are up against and how you are going to defeat them. Something else or should we say someone else you have to take in consideration is the head of the food chain among the Scorn – The Barons.

In this new expansion, we will have to go on a Baron hunt and not only once. These Baron Hunts are different from one another, some will be a long range fight, something like a sniper vs sniper duel, others will force you to get up close and personal with the enemy.

With all these new enemies to deal with, we will need all the firepower we can get and hopefully we are getting plenty of that in “Forsaken”. We are being introduced to an all-new weapon type to the entire “D2”franchise – the Compound bows.

It will be up to us what type of bow do we want to handle, will it be short , medium or long-range bows – or switch in between all of them!

Another amazing feature to this expansion that we just have to note is how the weapons slots work now. Before, we could only choose one primary , one energy and one power weapon, but NOW, all players, no matter if they bought the new expansion or not, will be granted the freedom to use any weapon combination they want. This is amazing even only to think about the endless possibilities!

The next big upgrade that we are receiving in this “new world”, that Bungie are introducing, is our Super abilities! Each of the nine different subclasses in “D2” is getting a new super ability. So no matter if you are a Hunter fan , or maybe you are one of the warlocks that brings havoc to the game, or a titan if you would please or even better all of them at once! For instance the Solar Titans can wield a massive flaming hammer that creates a fire tornado!

Warlocks with the arc subclass are getting a giant new energy blast that is being shot out of their hands.

Of course , there are tons of new armor pieces and sets and a lot of new exotic and legendary weapons that we will have to collect, because it seems that most of them are very useful in different situations and we do offer all of them here in Mboosting.com!

Every little thing that we can gather will help us reach the so called end goal – The all new area called “the Dreaming City”, a in-game destination that is a first even for Bungie. The Dreaming city is actually a destination for all players, but it`s also the home for the new six-man raid – Last wish that we are proud to announce was cleared by many of our teams and we we`re the 1st site to actually keep their word on clearing the raid for our customer on week one! The amazing thing about The Dreaming City is that “raiders affect the destination and change it for everyone”, meaning the Dreaming City you saw now on week one wont be the same after two , three or four weeks later. Many of its secrets and activities will be unveiled over time which makes us hooked on playing, it will be amazing to see the city evolve as more and more players complete the raid!

Maybe you are not a PvE – raiding fan? No problem! The game is also introducing us to an all new PvP-PvE mix game mode called Gambit.

In this mode, essentially two teams, 4 players in each, fight in two arenas, next to each other. Every fireteam will be overwhelmed with a lot of mobs. We have to collect motes from the enemies that we do kill, after we return those motes to the Bank will summon a large enemy to fight – The Primeval, the 1st one to defeat it, wins! So far so good you may think, but that was only the PvE part of the new mode, now for the PvP – Gambit allows one player from each team to physically invade the other team at different points during the match – and since player deaths heal their Primeval , a comeback is always possible!

Aside from The new raid , weapons , Gambit mode and tons of more things we will inform you about in our news section, one of the most breathtaking moment in the expansion is the all new storyline that if you are bored of on your alts we can do for you.

The next cool feature in the new “Forsaken” expansion, has a main purpose to improve our gaming in “D2” as a hobby. Introducing the “triumphs” and collections, they will help you figure out which activity to do next to fill out your collection. If you have trouble with any of them feel free to ask our 24/7 live chat support, we will be more than happy to do everything in our power to think of a special offer for you, so we can complete your request!

Forsaken is the biggest expand to “D2” in years and we are happy to go thru it all with you offer you highest quality D2 boost services!