D2 Forsaken Overview



           D2 Forsaken expansion Overview.

     As D2 crosses into its second year, the game has hit roadblocks, setbacks, and bad management. However, the game has finally great again. The Forsaken DLC has added so much content to the game, its enough to make your head spin. Bungie has added a thrilling new campaign, new game modes, a fresh new raid, and two new locations. Not to mention the leveling and gear tweaks that makes grinding a lot more rewarding.

                The campaign has you exploring the Tangled Shore. Seeking revenge on the Scorned Barons that killed Cayde-6. The Scorned are mutated Fallen that have been infused with corrupted ether. This enemy set is a mixture of base fallen and hive mechanics. They are tougher then most enemies and are sneaky. They can go invisible and sneak behind you and the smaller enemies, called Screebs, explode when in close proximity to the player. The Forsaken campaign feels more rewarding than the original D2 campaign and has a better ending.

                Forsaken also brought fun new game modes and activities that players can participate in. The biggest addition to D2 is the game mode Gambit. Gambit is a perfect blend of PvP and PvE gameplay. Two teams of 4 players fight against each other collecting motes from fallen enemies. One team member can crossover and kill opposing players. Once the back is filled, a Prime Evil is summoned and the team that kills it, wins the round. This game mode even has its own leveling system. So if you want to stay a head of the curve and don’t have the time, visit the D2 boosting tab for boosting options.

                The next big addition is the Blind Well in the Dreaming City. This activity works similarly to the Escalation Protocol on Mars but has some tweaks. One big change is the addition of a tiering system. There are 3 tiers and each tier having their own difficulty. Tier one being the easiest and 3 being the hardest. Each week, the enemy set changes with new Well Bosses. If you complete tier 3, you can insert an unstable light charge and it will trigger a heroic event. Completing this will net you powerful gear.

                The new raid that had been added is called the Last Wish. In this raid, you fight your way through the dreaming city. You and 5 other players go through different challenges and freeing taken awoken. This leads you to finally boss, Riven. A taken awoken that has been mutated heavily by the darkness. This raid offers more of a challenge then what Calus had to offer. If you need help with the raid or just wanting the loot from it, checking out our D2 boosting tab for more options.

                The two new playable areas added to the game are the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City. The Tangled Shore is an outlaw’s paradise. It is a great place to gather resources and tracking down wanted enemies. The size is similar to Nessus, so plenty of space to explore and plunder. The next area added to the map is the Dreaming City. This area is unlocked after completing a pursuit the player gets at the end of the campaign. This area goes through fazes were each week there is different levels of taken infection. This cycle goes for 3 weeks and then repeats. This area offers the Blind Well, the ascendant challenge, and weekly missions and challenges. These events grant powerful gear and other loot.

                With this past expansion, the leveling, light, mod, and loot systems have been changed. This has been done to make leveling and grinding for higher light level loot feel more rewarding to the player. For example, there is now two tiers of powerful gear a player can earn. Tier 1 nets you gear that is 1 or 2 light levels above your overall light level. This powerful gear can be earned from completing weekly and daily challenges. Tier 2 loot, however, is where the big light level gains come from. The tier of powerful gain can net a player 5+ levels to their light level. This powerful can be earned from the gambit weekly bounty, the Last Wish raid, the weekly events in the Dreaming City, and Iron Banner. There are also Prime Engrams that players can find in the world that act like powerful gear as well. If you want to stay in game or don’t have time to grind, please check out our D2 boosting tab.

                The mod system has been completely revamped. Gone are the weapon attack mods, the elemental weapon mods, and useless armor modifiers. Now there are mods that effect how a weapon behaves and armor mods that effects how much damage a player can take and give out. This new system adds more customizability to weapons and armor. This allows for more tailored experience for the player.

                Hopefully this overview helps with you getting back into D2 or helps you finally get Forsaken. Either way, there will be more articles coming out soon that will cover the best ways to get a 100k Nightfall score and much more. If you do get stuck or wanting a light level power up, head over to the D2 boosting tab to check out our options. This has been Aussie, keep your eyes up and be brave Guardians.