D2 Gambit Mode guide




D2 Gambit mode guide


Today we will introduce to you a guide regarding the ever interesting Gambit mode. What makes this mode so eye-catching to players is the unique mix between PVE and PVP that is offered. With this mode you don’t know what to expect as turnarounds are common practice and happen frequently. That is why you should never let your guard down. 

For that reason we have compiled some information for you that might be useful for improving your skills. Hopefully what we will share with you today will make you the better player you have always, secretly or not so much, wanted to be.

So let us start off with something most players do wrong in gambit matches, that is not banking their motes. We know it can seem better to hold on to them and try to gather as much as possible but there are two main issues with that.  It leaves your team dangerously open to invaders that might ambush you when they come out of the invasional portal which will cost them 25-50 motes depending if it’s the first or second one, and make you lose what you gathered. The other is that you will delay your team’s invasions. So do bank them early if needed, depending on the situation but always be careful not to become too much of a hoarder.

Keep an eye out on the mote counter at all times. The blue and red bars will show you how many motes both teams have banked and the white will show you how many they are holding at the moment. It is helpful as keeping an eye on the white bar will give you an idea if the enemy has enough to invade or summon the Primeval. It will also give you an idea about the perfect time to invade, that being when the opposing team is holding the most motes. 

Be careful not to invade the second a portal opens. Also keep in mind that even if you don’t invade you will know that they might summon small blockers when they gather 5 or even a stronger blocker at 15 motes, your way and you will have to defend your bank.

Try to always distribute motes evenly, between players as that will make for the strongest team. If you are playing solo, it’s not a bad idea to concentrate on defending or clearing waves of enemies and just let your teammates collect motes, no need for everyone to rush over and try to steal from each other. That strategy almost always leads to a loss. It is always better to have 3 or more people with 5 motes each than one player having them all and being killed during an invasion.

The first invasion is extremely important to start the snowball effect rolling in this game mode. Since in this game mode the result can change at the snap of a finger an easy way to get the ball rolling per say is to gather 25 motes. If you manage to kill an enemy while doing your first invasion or even capture 5 motes this will start off the avalanche if you can keep up the pressure of course. If possible try to chain your blockers so that the enemy is slowed down even more.

Don’t ignore your Super. Always use it when needed and don’t just hoard it for the Primeval or invasions only. You will most likely have it charged by the time a Primeval appears so use it when an invader comes, high value targets or even just to clear up a lot of bunched up enemies. Just remember that using a super is not a waste, saving it for the perfect opportunity that might not show up is.

Always go after the invader if you don’t have that many motes on you. Don’t be afraid of him as he is just a normal player with more shields. If you don’t have many emotes just hunt him down to protect your allies that have more motes on them. By doing this you might even surprise the invader as he will not expect to be the one being hunted down. Also don’t forget our previous suggestion, use your Super against him. 

Keep in mind that once you gather the 72 motes your Primeval is up you can be repeatedly invaded until you defeat it. That is why try not to waste everything on it unless you have a team that can melt it instantly. The reason being is that if you do decide to use them all on the Primeval you will be open to attacks from the invader. If you want to use it all on it at least wait until the first invader is defeated as the enemy will definitely try to take advantage on you. Keep in mind that waiting is also useful as it will give you enough time to clear the trash mobs in the area. 

Thanks to the role defining armour available from The Reckoning and Gambit prime players can choose what they want to specialize in. Be that Reapers, Sentries, Collectors or Invaders. But don’t let that define you absolutely. 

As in some cases its best to do a couple of different things at the same time. The important thing is the win at the end so try not to butt heads with your teammates as that always leads to morale drops and less than spectacular skill. Even if you are an Invader it is not definitely forbidden to take motes or kill enemy mobs.

If possible let the designated Invader get all the heavy ammo as it will be mostly useful to him that you if you aren’t in that role. Keep in mind that invasions heavily impact the game as it is possible to make a big comeback if the invader is good at his job. Although if you don’t have a designated invader, do try to pick it up instead of the ammo just gathering dust and not being utilized. The heavy ammo is useful sometimes even for defenders as it makes clearing enemies that have gathered in one spot much easier.

When you play Gambit Prime you will definitely encounter the dreaded yellow bar enemies. Try to melt them as fast as possible with your long ranged weapon as they are incredibly dangerous and will kill you in seconds if you aren’t careful. They will make your motes gathering a living hell also they drop a lot of motes which is always good.

In Prime the Blockers are extremely hard to kill especially if there are a lot in one place you don’t have any special ammo left. So try to help out the Sentry if he is a bit overwhelmed. Again we want to mention that you don’t have to specialize in one role religiously. Help out your team especially if they are underperforming in places.

Another tip is that you must not kill the third Primeval envoy right away. Keep in mind especially in Gambit Prime that there is a limited amount of time to damage the envoy as there is a well of light that will appear after you destroy the envoy and you will only be able to damage the Primeval if you are in that well. 

Something important you must do is gather up your team in one place before killing the envoy, especially if they are scattered around the map. And again we will bring up a tip we gave earlier, if you know that you will be invaded always kill the Invader first as he can mess up everything real quick. Just don’t forget that as much as this mode is PVE, the PVP aspect is still incredibly important.

We hope that these tips will help you improve as much as possible. They are not set in stone so you are free to experiment as much as you want, but try to use them as guidelines more that rules. Just always remember that this is a team game, so try to help out as much as possible and be positive as that makes a big impact. We will be happy to hear freedback from you regarding this little guide we set up for you, so feel free to drop by and give your opinion at any time. 

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