D2 Lumina exotic quest guide




D2 Lumina exotic quest guide

We have quite the interesting topic to look over this time! It is once again an Exotic Weapon quest for an incredibly interesting gun that can support your whole team as something like a healer. This is quite the strange weapon as imagine how killing enemies can at the same time bring you a lot of satisfaction but also help out your team in a major way. 

This can basically turn you into something like a healer for the Fire Team. Enough talking about it without at least mentioning its name, it is the Exotic Hand Cannon Lumina. This weapon is similar to Thorn for example but the remnants it creates once you kill an enemy heal and increase the damage of your allies. The usefulness of this Hand Cannon is incredible as it can definitely help out in almost any situation where you party up with other players.

Now enough general talk about the weapon, let us help you out with a guide of the quest and the steps required to complete it

The first step is of course getting the quest and that is quite easy. Just go to the Salt Mines which are located on the EDZ and go past the church, through the passage with the banners above it, after that proceed into the tunnel leading into the Salt Mines and inside you will see a grey tank with orange lines on it. Get close to it and then use the option to transmat, which will take you to a whole new area. Here we have a bit of a tricky part but we will do all we can to explain it to you. 

Walk past the glowing gate and you will reach a path, follow it until seemingly reaching the end and you will see a glowing light on the rock above you. Jump through a crack next to it and you will get to a camp site where you will get “A Fateful Gift” and the “System Positioning Device”. Overall this location might be familiar to some of you as it is the starting point for Thorn as well.

Next up is the A Fateful Gift step which will require you to open a chest in one of a couple possible locations. The frustrating thing here is that the location you need changes every hour. That is why you should try and check all of the locations within the time frame. We will list the possible locations you can find it at. 

First one is possibly in the EDZ, where you will have to fast travel to the Sludge are to get to the Shaft 13 Lost Sector, next up is the Sinking Docks on Titan, the High Plains on the Tangled Shore, Lighthouse on Mercury, Spire of Kires in the Dreaming City, The Mists on Nessus, Evacuation Site 2 on Io, and finally Alton Dynamo on Mars. These are the possible location that you can find what you seek at. 

Once you complete this objective you will have to generate 250 Orbs of Light. This is a straightforward farming step of the quest and should not be difficult to achieve. You can receive these orbs from any activity. After completing this step, you will receive the Rose Hand Cannon and the next step in the quest.

Here you will have three objectives, which can be completed in any sequence

One of them is to complete a Nightfall Strike with a score of 50 000 points or higher. This is quite achievable at higher Power Levels. Next up is to complete the encounters at the Blind Well at the Black Armory Forges or in Escalation Protocol, the choice is left up to the player here. Just make sure to have a total of 35 points as that is a requirement as well. 

Lastly the remaining objective is to kill multiple enemies in a row without reloading. You will have to do this 100 times in any mode, this one will be complete or almost at least before you finish with the other two. The next step of the exotic quest is to complete any activity with the Rose hand cannon equipped on you.

Up next is the Strength in Numbers step which will once again have to complete a couple of objectives. Here one of them is to defeat other Guardians with any Hand Cannon equipped while in a team.  Keep in mind that even if you do not manage to get the kill and your Fire Team does, some progress will still be awarded to you. 

Up next is to once again generate Orbs of Light which is again straightforward and lastly you will have to kill an Invader before they kill any of your teammates. Keep in mind though that this has to be done 10 seconds after he enters or it will not count. 

We finally reach the last step of this long and grindy Exotic quest and that is to complete the Will of the Thousands Strike with Rose equipped. Keep in mind though that while completing it, you will also have to destroy 11 crystals. After completing this final step in the quest chain, you will receive the Lumina and will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. 

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