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The Nightfall:

Changes in D2 Forsaken


       One week before the release of Forsaken, Bungie revealed how some of D2`s late-game activities will change. This mostly includes strikes and Nightfall, the difficult versions of which are being retired. Heroic Strikes and prestige Nightfalls will instead be replaced with a more straightforward system, designed for players who will/did purchase Forsaken, as well as those that will not/did not. From now on Bungie said they will refer to those players as “Legacy players”.

       Now, when Forsaken is live, strikes have three difficulty settings: power 300, 400, and 500. Once a player has reached 400-power above a difficulty setting, it will be disabled for them, ensuring that the 500 setting will always have players months after release. All strikes will now have modifiers to compensate for the loss of heroic mode. For players who don’t own Forsaken, the strike difficulty will be capped at 200, although modifiers will still be applied.

       The Nightfall is changing in a few meaningful ways as well. With the removal of the prestige difficulty, the base Nightfall will become harder to complete. The Nightfall will also no longer include one strike per week, as it always has. Instead, players will be able to choose from three available strikes, although they’ll only be able to select that strike if they own the expansion it was released in.

       One of the upsides of this change is that this new Nightfall system should allow players to hunt for the strike-specific loot they want more often, without having to wait for months for the exact Nightfall to return. Here are some of the awesome gear that we able to eventually farm for you in a run:

-        Volksgranate - Drops from Lake of Shadows - Legendary kinetic Granade launcher

-        The long Goodbye - Drops from The Insight Terminus - Legendary energy sniper Rifle

-        Warden;s Law - Drops from Warden of Nothing - Legendary Kinetic Hand Cannon

-        Horror's Least - drops from The corrupted - Legendary Energy Pulse Rifle

-        Mindbender's Ambition -Drops from The Hollowed Laid - Legendary Energy Shotgun


Just some overflowing thoughts:

-        Warden's law looks particularly interesting to me. The 2 shot burst that can possibly roll with both Kill Clip and Outlaw definitely gets my juices flowing.

-        No cosmetic nightfall exclusives this time. Some people should be happy about that, though I personally didn't mind some of the rewards being sparrows/etc.

-        Horror's Least has some interesting combinations as well.

-        In my opinion, the ideal perk #3 for Volksgranate will almost always be Genesis, assuming the performance of that perk is as good in reality as it looks on paper.

Players without Forsaken will still be able to use their Challenge Card to add modifiers, although the 270 Nightfall will no longer have scoring effects.


   Another awesome feature in the Nightfall is the scoring system, the so called and know by many players “five of swords”. When you use the Five of Swords, you get a chance to raise or lower your score multiplier on Nightfall missions. You do this by increasing or decreasing your handicap. The more negative effects you have to deal with, the higher your multiplier will be and vice-versa. There’s a decent range of modifiers that you can add to your Nightfall missions in D2. There’s a list of them:

Arc Singe, Attrition, Blackout, Brawler, Extinguish, Famine, Grenadier, Grounded, Heavyweight, Iron, Match Game, Momentum, Solar Singe and Void Singe.

   A lot of players are still running the new Nightfall missions as is. However, when you hit max light level, and things start getting too easy, the Five of Swords is an excellent way to add a little extra risk for a better reward. Additionally, if you’re just getting started in D2, the 5 of Swords can allow you to decrease the handicap in Nightfall missions to take a bit of the pressure off.

       This new challenge modifier system is just one way that Bungie is adding little quality of life fixes to keep people coming back. Although the community has been salty in the past, it’s stuff like this that make D2 more appealing for the long haul.

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