D2, possible return of Trials of Osiris?



Today we will be going a little bit into speculation territory about the Trials which everyone is familiar with. D2 previously had the Trials of the Nine game mode but for quite some time now, they have been put on a hiatus indefinitely by the developers at Bungie which are led by director Luke Smith. In the history of D2 itself there have been other iterations of the trials and those were the Trials of Osiris in the original game.

Fans have always preferred the original version but still came to appreciate the one implemented in the second game. That is why we have been wondering for quite some time now if they will make some kind of a return.

Ever since the Trials of the Nine were removed from the game, the developers have constantly improved and changed the PvP aspect of the game. The 3v3 has already become a normal mode in competitive and the dual primaries are not optional.

A big hint that they might be making a return is Osiris himself

You might be wondering what he has in common with the current plot as it has been some time since we last saw him. For example in the Curse of Osiris DLC a lot of players were not happy with his role in it. They wanted to have more interactions and the return of his trials with it.

Unfortunately though that is not what we received. There are quite a lot of signs though that he might be making a return during the next season. At this point we are almost at the end of Season of The Undying and killed the Undying Mind so many times already in D2 Shadowkeep that we hope he is dead for good. Because of all this parallel realities and multiple timelines, not excluding Ikora as well, we can expect to see our favorite Osiris quite soon.

Another hint at his return is that most likely we will see Saint-14 as he has a voice actor listed for the season and even theories have been going around that he is not dead but locked in stasis. Overall lore wise it we are expecting to see Osiris quite soon as all the pieces of the puzzle are there. All we have to do is to wait and see what form they will take, even if we are almost sure what it is.

Other signs of the inevitable return of Trials are the fact that the developers at Bungie have been testing different variations of Elimination

This has always been the main mode of any Trials variation. Most likely they have been searching and testing which one of them to implement once they bring them back. This was done most likely as just putting a random variation of Elimination would cause quite a bit of problems in the whole community.

Testing these modes is the best way to pick the correct one and make the players happy. This is quite understandable as the hype around it has grown to such proportions that it will be hard to live up to it.

Careful implementations and testing is the safest way to do it at this point. Hopefully that is what game director Luke Smith thinks as well. While it will not be ground-breaking and super innovative if they choose these modes, the audience will be happy with it none the less. We have not been waiting for the next global trend in the Multiplayer PvP scene but the thing that we appreciate even more than the Iron Banner.

The Multiplayer Activity, Trials has always been the pinnacle of Player Versus Player action in the Dworld and the developers at Bungie know that all too well.  While we may not yet be sure that the mode will return next season with Osiris to boot, there have been quite a lot of signs about it.

Hopefully though we will be able to play it as soon as possible but even if that does not happen the upcoming season, chances are high that it will be the next one over. We are sure they will bring it back as the testing has been quite a lot and the players are ready for it. All that is left to see is if the developers themselves are ready. 

Overall if they do decide to take even more time to get it done, as players we should be happy about that. You mind be wondering why we are saying this but in recent years rushing games has never been appreciated.

We have seen countless games and expansions that have not lived up to what they could be and fail, just because the studio had to do it as quickly as possible. This is why we want to see them take as much time as needed in order to get it done properly, but even so wanting to play it as soon as possible is normal as we love the game and the amazing lore surrounding it.

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