D2: Season of Dawn explained




D2: Season of Dawn

This is the long awaited Season by many players in the community. There was a lot of speculation going around between the fans of the franchise and a lot of hype as well. Even we talked about some possibilities that could be implemented with this new season. The expectations were overall high and that is why today we will be taking a closer look at D2: Season of Dawn and overall what it brings to the table.

D2: Season of Dawn was released on December 10th 2019 and will be active all the way up to March 9th 2020. Overall we have quite some time to be able to enjoy this content to our fullest. Also of course complete the customary Battle Pass which as always brings with itself quite a lot of interesting goodies. It will proceed with the same model as you might have already gotten used to as evidently it works and keeps the players engaged. 

This time in order to initiate the Season of Dawn we unfortunately found Saint-14 dead in the Infinite Forest during the infamous Curse of Osiris expansion. Surprisingly enough though, he is now alive and kicking because of the time manipulative interference from Osiris himself! Because of this we hope that this time around Osiris will bring a little bit more passion and engagement to the table. Unfortunately previously he was not the best and most interesting character in the game by a long shot. 

The campaign itself is shaping up to be a time travelling adventure where we will have to stop Cabal Psion Flayers who want to mess up the time line. A truly exciting premise which has a lot of potential and can definitely be something to look forward to! Hopefully we will even be able to experience interesting past scenes and possibly meet old friends that have passed away, like Cayde-6 possibly.

This season we will have many new implementations and improvements alike

Let us take a look at some of them and hopefully provide you with information that you didn’t have or expect. Overall for starters there is a new “Charge with Light” mechanic which will provide abilities to seasonal mods, this is quite the interesting way to keep them relevant in the meta. 

Another interesting implementation will be finisher playlist. This is an option where a random finisher will be played out of a selection of nine. This will keep the PvP fresh and have you be able to use more than just one. 

There will be no need to use your favorite finisher until you just get tired of it. For those of you that are interested or already have the Battle Pass, there will be a new activity only for those of you that have purchased it. 

Overall it is something like a horde mode against the Cabal. The interesting thing about it is the setting as it changes from playthrough to playthrough. It is set in past and future timelines which are quite interesting with their mix of various champions and bosses that we will get the pleasure of fighting. This is an incredibly interesting thing as we can possibly even get glimpses at future content in the game.

Another new and long awaiting implementation is the ability to ride your Sparrow on Mercury. A lot of fans were quite vocal about this issue. That is most likely why the developers decided to implement it, even if there is not much of a point in using it as the room is not the largest. 

Another highly anticipated change is the buff to Thundercrash which increases the base damage. This was another thing that fans desperately wanted as they did enjoy playing with it even if it used to be a tad underwhelming. 

The season pass will include quite a lot of interesting stuff to be acquired by us dedicated players. There will be free season rank rewards as well! The developers also included an interesting new seasonal artifact, armor set and the story campaign we talked about a little while ago. If you decide to purchase it though there are many other benefits which you can acquire. 

The exotic Scout Rifle, Symmetry will be available to you right away as well as the horde mode we talked about. There will also be new exotic quests, armor sets, ornaments, emotes and much more. It is definitely worth the price once again, even if it is mainly because of the campaign.

Overall the Season of Dawn is shaping up to be something quite fun and interesting

Not only the gameplay will improve but the various lore expansion possibilities are something long expected! We are quite satisfied at this point with the Season but we have yet to see more of it. Of course the roadmap has already been released but until we get our hands on it directly we cannot talk much about the future of it. 

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