D2 Shadowkeep



D2 Shadowkeep

Today we will be taking a look at the newest and most exciting thing that has happened to D2 release-wise.  This time around, because the developers split up with their former partner there is evidently much more changes and freedom put into the newest expansion. With Shadowkeep we can see quite a lot of interesting things being implemented, be it armor updates or even the content itself! We will also see that Eris Morn has returned as well as many haunting visions of the past! This is going to definitely change things around and hopefully bring back old players and introduce the game to new ones as well!

With this DLC that brings quite a few new exotics, a new raid and a whole new armor system there are a lot of expectations riding on it

Especially given how the devs at Bungie have been promoting it as something entirely different than before. Shadowkeep was delayed for a couple of weeks compared to its original release date of September 17th. Because of that delay we were able to get a much more polished game, which is always preferred to a rushed product.

Also we have an official roadmap released by the developers at Bungie, which will give us somewhat an idea of what is to come in the future. Since the 5th of October has already passed we have gotten our hands on the new and exciting raid as well as the Vex Offensive. With this release we got quite an interesting challenge and amazing content that we genuinely enjoy. The fun part is that the raid itself is quite hard and there are quite a few ads that can absolutely obliterate you with almost no difficulty!

Next up on the 8th of October we can expect some Hero Nightmare hunts and a little bit later on the 15th of October some Legend Nightmare hunts and the return of the Iron Banner. Afterwards is something that we enjoy greatly and will definitely be of interest to a lot of people an exotic quest, called Leviathan’s Breath. Overall there will be able to many nightmares that have emerged from the shadows!

On the 29th of October, we will be able to enjoy a new dungeon launch, which is still shrouded in a lot of mystery as well as a new PvP mode which will be called Momentum Control. On that same day, we will also get access to another Exotic Quest, called Xenophage.

Lastly we will get on the 19th of November something that is shaping up to be a lot of fun and quite interesting, called the Vex Offensive Final Assault. It is shaping up to be quite the interesting two months of non-stop content. We can also expect other content that is not on the list, which will not be as massive as the ones mentioned, but it will still bring some freshness to the game.

We are all up for new content and checking it out as soon as possible

While we did not mention earlier, most of the content that we mentioned like the raids, dungeons and exotic quests are behind a pay wall, which is to be expected. Also there will be as always exotic drops like the Two-Tailed Fox exotic rocket launcher. So if you want to try out that specific content, make sure to purchase the DLC or the Season of the Undying Pass. Also if you are interested the hive themed two-tailed fox exotic rocket launcher is part of the pre-purchase rewards, which you get when D2 Shadowkeep launches. Even if there are as always season passes in modern games, don’t let that discourage you! There are quite a lot of free activities and rewards that can be experienced with the free version of the game.

One of those things is the Armor 2.0 Update which overhauls the whole system. With this amazing new update to how the armor works we will get more of a customized feel to our set up. We will be able to implement changes which suit our personal playstyle by giving it perks that can be acquired through Armor Mods. As well as that we will have access to the new cosmetic system, which will make it easier to make that special look for your Guardian.

As a personal fan of setting up armors in interesting ways it is sincere pleasure to see this being implemented. By utilizing this feature we will be able to make our Guardians unique and make it even easier to get personally attached to them. We will try our best to give you little explanation on how it works.

Overall as we know armor affects six stats, with every 10 points in a specific category we receive a percentage boost

For example a plus 40 mobility value will increase our Guardian’s movement by 16%. When we level up our armor we will get more points. With these points we can equip corresponding mods that cost for example 4 or 2 points. With this new implementation we will have to thing hard on what we need for the specific occasion.

Keep in mind that each armor piece can be leveled up to 10 times, which will require from us specific materials like Enchantment Prisms and Ascendant Shards. Also something good about the mods is that they are not consumable and can be used as many times as needed on different armors.

Overall with the new horror themed campaign and the fact that we are going back to the Moon in order to face old and new foes is something amazingly fun. Shadowkeep is definitely moving the game in a new direction. With D2 we can expect even more content and interesting things down the line, the game is shaping up to be like an MMO which is a nice thing in today’s gaming worlds. But that is to be seen in the future, for now we can only enjoy Shadowkeep to the fullest and wait for the future content!

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