D2 Shadowkeep armor customization




D2 Shadowkeep armor customization 


Today we will be taking a look at something quite interesting and innovative for the game. We will take a close look at the soon to be newly implemented armor 2.0 system customization options for D2. There was a reveal stream set up by the developers for this new implementation and there they showed off a couple of custom builds for all the classes and also the new currency that will be needed in order to upgrade your armor. 

Let us go deeper into the new stats options that we will be able to enjoy. There are currently 6 that are going to be implemented and they go from 1-100. 

They are the following:

  • Intellect – Deacreases the cooldown of the Super.

  • Strength – Decreases the cooldown of the Melee Attack

  • Discipline – Decreases the cooldown for the Grenade Attack

  • Mobility – Increases the player’s movement

  • Recovery – Increases the shield regeneration

  • Resilience – Increases the total health

All the new stats are static for the newly implemented armor pieces and if you wish to change the stats of piece of armor you will have to acquire new equipment. Also the stats will increase with every 10 points used to upgrade your gear. If for example you invest into 40 Mobility you will be able to move 16% faster compared to your normal movement speed. Overall Intellect, Discipline and Strength will reduce cooldowns while Mobility, Resilience and Recovery will increase stats.

It might be disappointing for you that the stats will not be able to be changed but the developers at Bungie showed something that will be implemented to cover that issue. The mods for the new armour pieces will be fully customizable in the new Expansion Shadowkeep. In the reveal stream there weren’t any new armor mods shown but they focused on the older ones we are familiar with. They will be used depending on your playstyle. 

For example if you love a certain Hand Cannon but sadly it reloads too slowly for your liking there is a mod component that will increase the reload speed of Hand Cannons which is a life saver in certain situations. They might be similar to what we know right now but the freshness comes from the ability to mix and match them to your heart’s desire. The good thing about that is us players will be able to create good armour to be used even if they don’t have the perfect armor perk roll.

Up next is the energy system that will dictate how many and which mods we can add to the armour pieces

Depending on the mod there are different power levels that we will have to keep in mind. This will be implemented so that players aren’t able to stack numerous of mods in order to make themselves overpowered. Since the new mods have an energy cost then the expected thing is that the armour pieces will have an energy capacity. The pieces will drop with random energy limits and we will need to spend various kinds of currency in order to upgrade their capacity. 

Once we max it out at 10 the armour itself will also get a small stat boosts to help us out in the numerous adventures that await us. Also something to keep in mind is that each armour piece also rolls with a random energy type, which will be a factor when implementing certain mods. Overall it is an interesting new implementation that will make managing the armour we have more fun and will definitely lengthen our gameplay time.

Now after all this time talking about what the mods will do let’s take a look at how we will be able to get them. With the Shadowkeep expansion, we will be able to unlock the mods for permanent use unlike how it was introduced in Forsaken where they were one time uses. When we get a mod it will only require a bit of Glimmer so that we can apply it to a piece of armour. If we wish to replace it or add it to a different piece all we have to do is pay again and it will be done. We will be able to acquire them from Gunsmith engrams and Raids or the Iron Banner.

Another new implementation that we can look forward to is that the cosmetic choices are now in their own sub-menu which we can access. In said menu we will be able to do many things like add shaders for our armour in order to make it glow and also the Universal Ornaments slot. They are for skins that can only be acquired from the Eververse and can be applied to any piece we own. I

If we require a different armor set that isn’t from the store we will have to grind them out again as the old armours that drop after release will be part of the newly introduced system. This is quite nice as players will have a reason to go to old locations and farm out what they need.

Lastly let us take a look at Exotics and what is going to happen to them

First off since we just covered the Universal Ornaments, they cannot be applied to any exotic item in the game. Now as other armours that drop after the release the Exotics will also become armour 2.0 version as they named it. We will be able to pull out exotics from our Collection but they will have fixed stat rolls every time we take them which will be a mediocre number as confirmed by Bungie. In order to get better rolls we will have to farm them out once again or buy them from Xur.

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