D2 Shadowkeep release date




D2 Shadowkeep release date 

Today we will be taking a look at D2 again and the highly anticipated “Shadowkeep” expansion. The main subject for today is a little bit of information about the expansion if you want to know a little bit about it and its release date. Overall this expansion will change everything for the D2 world, the least of it being its transfer to steam. The developers at Bungie will be going all out on this and will try to bring life back to the franchise! But enough talking about general stuff let us get into the specifics around the new content.

First of all let us mention the release date and its slight delay

The game is set to release quite soon, October 1st 2019 to be exact. It was supposed to be released sooner but Bungie decided to delay it by two weeks, which was quite disappointing for some players but we think that this is a good thing. Rushing games never ends well and we sincerely want D2 to be all that it can possibly be. These two weeks are probably quite a good thing as that means more polish, which is always awesome! 

Regarding the expansion we can expect to see many familiar faces from D1 and D2. Also so much new mechanics that will definitely change everything. The main character we can see returning is Eris Morn who we met in the Moon expansion of D1. This is an incredibly interesting character that we are sincerely happy to meet again. She brings with herself fond memories of the previous game as well as even more adventures on the Moon! It seems that once we left the Moon in the first game not everything stayed well. 

Some mysterious red structures have shown up on the surface

Morn will inform us of something dark returning and even a new enemy that we do not expect. It is confirmed that the villainous Hive will be making a comeback as well as a mysterious new enemy to fight against. While we still are not sure what could come, Bungie has mentioned that they will be nightmarish creatures. So we can definitely expect something scary and grotesque to appear and most likely defeat. 

Something else we can expect in the new expansion is something like a Battle Pass to be implemented in the game. Starting from October the First we will be able to grind at least 100 Season Ranks which will award us with numerous of rewards, that we can take advantage of! Now comes the part where we have previously talked about the partially paid content. Bungie said that they will be taking the path of purchase what you want to play. 

Overall with this Battle Pass will include as you typically would expect, two paths, one which you will have to pay and the other will be free. Although it was mentioned that we should not expect challenges like some others that have similar Battle Passes. They want us to play like we would normally which keep in mind will be transferred between platforms, because of Battle Pass Cross-Save which will be available with the new expansion. 

Overall the idea here is to bring all players together and not be restricted by the platform you choose to play on. With the “Shadowkeep” expansion we can expect to experience a lot of changes, which will bring us closer with other players. The main idea it seems is to bring the whole player-base together in order to always have someone to play with. This is quite the welcomed news as we can always be sure that there will be people to play with. 

Now let us take a look at the editions we will be able to purchase and enjoy, as well as what they bring to the table. 

First of all the Standard Edition of Shadowkeep will not require any previous expansions to purchase or play. With it we will be able to enjoy the main parts of the expansion, which include new missions, quests, dungeons, a new raid as well as other amazing implementations which we can expect. The most important of all, being the Season Pass for Season of the Undying. 

With the Exclusive Digital Collector’s edition we will be able to experience all previous season passes as well as the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions! We will also receive some Eris Morn themed loot including a Ghost Shell, Exotic Emote and an Emblem. This is shaping to be the biggest and most exiting expansion for the game to date. 

The hype around it is quite amazing in the D2 community and hopefully it will also be enjoyed by veteran players as well as new bloods alike. But of course that is yet to be seen if it will live up to it but still it looks quite probable at this point. Now all that is left is for us to wait and experience it first hand!


Thank you for reading up until here and we hope that the information we provided you was useful

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