Gambit game mode and all you need to know about it.


All you need to know about gambit game mode. How it works and what are the goals while playing gambit mode.

        Bungie has truly raised the bar this go around. Gambit is a high stakes hybrid game type featuring crucible and strike mechanics to deliver a fun and challenging experience for all skill levels.
Each game begins floating above a planet in the Drifter’s ship. While you are aboard this space vessel you are capable of greeting and/or taunting your future victims right before you are teleported into the arena.
        Inside of gambit you will find yourself doing five major things... Slaying, collecting, banking, invading, and melting. Slaying is nothing special, wipe out the seething hordes of enemies as quickly as you can. These enemies will drop a unique item found only in gambit called motes. The rules are if you see a mote, collect it. Collecting and banking motes is the only way to summon the Primeval. While banking you want to do so in groups of five.
Five motes is a small blocker, ten is a medium blocker, and fifteen motes gets you a large blocker. Blockers are simple, banking motes sends a taken warrior varying in size and health. The more motes you bank the more blockers your enemies have to kill before they can bank. But banking motes can only slow down your enemies and eventually they will bank their motes unless you invade them. Invasion is just a sinister as you think. Every twenty-five motes you  bank one member of your team can jump through the taken portal to become an invader. While invading you are in enemy territory with a license to kill.
       While invading you get an over-shield and you can see the enemy through walls anyone who you kill while they are holding motes loses all their motes. Finally, we come to the melting phase. Banking seventy-five motes will give you a Primeval and a few of his friends. After defeating his friends you will start to gain stacks of Primeval Slayer capping out at ten. The more stacks that have the more damage you deal to the Primeval. Melt the Primeval as fast as you can to win. The fun part is that invasion kills while the enemy has a Primeval heals their Primeval making it much harder for them to kill. That’s gambit, gamble your motes with your life and try not to lose them to the enemy invader. offers a fast delivery, high quality gambit boosting services. You can find our Gambit boosting section here: GAMBIT BOOSTING