Garden of Salvation Raid Guide D2



Garden of Salvation Raid Guide D2


A lot of old school Dplayers from its console days might be quite familiar with this location. It is something that a lot of us were waiting for and getting hyped about! With this amazingly interesting content we can experience the first Vex only raid in the D2 experience. 

We will be going back to the Black Garden in order to face off with two bosses located in four encounters. They are the Consecrated Mind and the Sanctified Mind. This interesting throwback to the D1 game is just the thing we needed in the D2: Shadowkeep expansion. We will experience some old locations with revamped graphics and a lot of new places to see and fight in. 

Keep in mind that while it is not the longest raid out there, the difficulty is quite high and will be an absolute test of endurance and patience. It will take some time to learn as the developers intended to have this experience to be one worth remembering in the future. 

Now let us dive into the encounters and check them out as well as recommend some stuff

They are the following:

Encounter 1: Evade the Consecrated Mind

In order to open up the door we will have to learn the new tether mechanic as there is a small cube in the opening area with a black star on the door. Here teamwork is key as we will have to stand in a line and turn the cube with our fellow raiders. 

The cube we mentioned will send out a light which will touch the closest guardian, who will then transfer it to the next and so on, until you reach the door. It is an interesting new mechanic and will take a little bit of time to get used to but it is still fun none the less. Now there is also some teamwork involved in the next part as the best decision here is to split your team into two. One part will follow the boss and handle his cube attack while the other has to go ahead and open up doors and clear enemies, until you reach the open field.

Encounter 2: Summon the Consecrated Mind

First you will have to deal with a jumping puzzle, while at first it might seem a tad annoying, the more you play, the easier it will become for you. After that we get to experience the next part of this encounter and that is the field. Here you will have to place one teammate at each base and the other two people will be able to jump around freely between locations through the portals. 

Here it is something like defending the hill, just always make sure to keep an eye on everyone else to provide help if needed as always it is crucial to cooperate. Make sure to have the Enlightened buff her as most of the enemies have Enlightened shields. In order to acquire it, making use of the tether mechanic is again crucial. You will have to stay in line in order to make a line between a box and a black star located near your base. Here the people using the portals can transfer this buff to everyone that requires it.

Encounter 3: Defeat the Consecrated Mind

Now that you have summoned the Consecrated Mind, the next logical step is to defeat it. Here there will also be a separation of your team needed in order to take him down. The fist team will have the job of chasing after the boss when it moves between locations. You will have to be careful as he will once again drop the square debuff, but this time it will freeze the player who picks it up in place. After that happens they will have the important job to follow the boss’s eyes as they are the only one that can see which are lit up. 

Afterwards they will have to direct their teammates to the three eyes that are lit up. Now let us take a look at what the other team will be doing in the meantime. They will have to gather motes, dropped by Minotaurs in the area, keep in mind that the drops are five motes per enemy. While the others are taking them down, you will need a dedicated gatherer who will run around and deposit them at the lit base. Afterwards their job becomes to defend the base while another gatherer comes around and changes them. Once the pylon has 30 motes, the boss will be drawn and you will have to focus him with all that you have.

Encounter 4: Defeat the Sanctified Mind

Now you will finally reach the last part, where the final boss appears and you have to take down the Sanctified Mind. Here you will have to fight in an open area that is surrounded by Vex fields, which will damage you.  Here you will see two pylons with boxes that will spawn on either side of the field. They are orange and blue respectively. In order to summon a blue portal, you will have to destroy the boss’s weak point on the leg.

After that send in some of your team members inside to collect 15 motes! After that you will have to bring them back, which is done by breaking the weak point again. Afterwards send in another part of your team inside to do the same thing. 

When they return, they will have to deposit the motes and defend the relays. In order to summon the orange portal make sure to target the enemy shoulders as they is the other weak point. 

While they keep doing that, some people from the party have to stay and rebuild broken sections of the map. In order to do that, the tethering mechanics comes back to play, they will have to link boxes and black stars all around. 

Afterwards comes the damage part of the raid, when you gather 30 motes in each pylon. Go to the blue or orange symbols near the boss, make sure to use the matching pylon. By doing this you should not have an issue with conquering this raid.

Now we will talk about what weapons are the best to use and what you should look out for. Overall the most important part of your gear is the Seasonal Artifact as that contains two mods that are tremendously important.

 The Overload Round and the Anti-Barrier Rounds, which only work for Hand Cannons, Auto Rifles and Submachine Guns! The most important thing here is to use a Void SMG as that will destroy Minotaur shields and you should try to get the Recluse. Another one that can be used is the Resonance-42 from the SMG category. In regards to Auto Rifles, the Null Calamity 9, Positive Outlook and Solemn Hymn are all amazing in Garden of Salvation. Lastly regarding power weapons, the One Thousand Voices is a beast here and also grenade launchers are quite good for clearing ads and even tougher enemies.

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