How to get enchanted cores in D2?



Best way to farm D2 Enhancement cores

With the release of the new Season of Opulence, there are plenty of new was to farm enhancement cores. Let’s talk about what are enhancement cores are.  Enhancement cores are a resource item in the game that allows players to enhance weapons and armor. They are used to masterwork items and infuse weapons and armors. You can find them by scraping items, completing bounties, using an item called Matterweave, and much more.

Best way to farm these enhancement cores

The fastest and most efficient way to earn Enhancement Cores now a days is through Banshee-44. With the new seasons dropping, he now offers both daily and weekly bounties which reward cores. Max limit a player can earn up to is 69 Enhancement Cores per week. These bounties will also reward the player with mod components. The weeklies will also reward random legendary weapon or armor mods and even add to Infamy and Valor progression. This is the most reliable way to farm enhancement cores so far.

The easiest ways to find Enhancement Cores is by simple luck

Find them by dismantle your unneeded and unwanted pieces of Legendary gear. Usually if the armor or weapon has progression towards it’s masterwork, it will reward the player with some enhancement cores once it is broken day.

The Spider in the Tangled Shore is another good option. He has a lot of bounties that will reward players with enhancement cores and players can even buy them from him. Just make sure to have a lot of legendary shards, it will get expensive the more you buy.

The second row of bounties in the Spider’s inventory and the player will see six bounties that offer an Enhancement Core and more. These bounties task the player with hunting down wanted Prison of Elders escapees around the world. Find them, kill them, and hand in the bounty for your Core.

The Spider can also useful because you can buy Access to Enhancement Cores from him directly (mentioned before), starting at 10 Legendary Shards. Each Core the player buy doubles the price of the next one. So, 10 goes to 20, 20 goes to 40, 40 goes to 80 and so and so forth. Just make sure to pay attention while buying them so you don’t use up all your Shards. On the Brightside, the cost resets every week.

Scrapper Bounties, that can be obtained by scrapping items, also provide cores. They can range in a number of random tasks, like looting a specific Lost Sector or getting kills with different types of guns. Finishing them gives you an Enhancement Core.

Another good place to find enhancement cores is by raiding

All raids in D2, even the old ones, can drop fully masterworked armor and weapons. In the old raids, these drops can net you 5 enhancement cores and in the new raids 7. So, for one character, the player can earn from 20 to 30+ enhancement cores from doing the raids.

Finally, one guaranteed way of getting a Core to drop is by using an item called Finest Matterweave. This item can be found by getting lucky when dismantling a piece of Legendary gear. Using a Finest Matterweave gives Powerful enemies, that the player kills, a chance to drop an Enhancement Core straight on the ground. This will drop in the form of a purple engram.

Even if the player does not pick it up, it will end up in your Postmaster, so don’t worry. Hopefully this short guide helps. In about a week, a player can earn up access to 150+ enhancement cores a week.