How to get Leviathan’s Breath in D2




Today we will be taking a look at what is required to get your hands on the amazingly beautiful and powerful heavy bow “Leviathan’s Breath”. In order to get it, there are a couple of things that have to be done and one of them is starting the “Make Bows, Not War” quest. We will guide you through the steps you have to complete in order to acquire the bow. This weapon is a first of its kind as there are no other Heavy Bows currently implemented in the game. 

It has quite a long draw time with it being able to hold only 10 arrows. Don’t let that dissuade you from acquiring it though as its massive damage and concussive AoE more than makes up for the lack of arrows. It is quite a fund weapon to use overall and the quest itself isn’t that hard to complete. But now let us take a look at what must be done so that you can enjoy it as well.

First of course you will have to start the quest itself

In order to do that just talk to Banshee and he will send you to try and locate his workshop. You will have to run around quite a bit and do some jumps but it is not that difficult to get to it. 

First of all go to the hangar section and navigate to the scaffolding on the top. Follow it by heading to the Future War Cult Lobby and be on the lookout for another piece of scaffolding on the left. You will have to jump on to it and proceed by going through the vents. There you will have to jump around a bit but it is a straightforward road so you will not get lost if you follow it. 

Once you are in the workshop you will have to retrieve the Exotic quest step and get back to Banshee who will have you generate a new code for his display case. The generation process is quite simple as you will just have to run a couple of Strikes, Gambit matches, Nightfall Strikes or Gambit Prime matches. They will all generate data for you until you reach the required amount. 

The next step is to defeat a 100 Vex or Cabal enemies with bow headshots

This is a pretty straightforward objective which can be quite easily completed if you participate in the Vex Offensive with a bow. There is not much to say about this step except that it will take a little bit of time to grind it out in order to proceed further. There is another way to do it easily though and that is to go to the original Leviathan raid located on Nessus and stand on the plate surrounded by Cabal. They will spawn indefinitely and you will be able to land quite a bit of precision shots in order to stack up your requirement. 

Next up is the last step where you will actually have to do some fighting and that is to load up a custom version of the Arms Dealer Strike

It is especially used for this exotic quest and will kind of leave you disappointed if you were looking for a bigger challenge.  There is no special requirement to load it up as you will just have to start it up from the EDZ. The strike itself is pretty straightforward and there is nothing quite special about it except perhaps the boss at the end. 

The annoying part about him is that you will constantly be targeted by missiles while fighting him. That can be quite a hassle as you will always have to keep an eye on them. Also keep in mind that dunking the solar orbs, which are required to lower the shield will cause a stun effect. This means that you should be careful not to be on low health when doing that so that a missile doesn’t just finish you off.  

The fight itself is a tad tedious and you will have to run around quite a bit during it but still the boss is not that hard. Even if you do fail at completing it, just try over again as there is no limit to the tries you have access to. Also keep in mind that there is a way to even bypass this fight and that is to attack the boss as you ride the final elevator upwards. 

After completing this step there is one final thing that will be required from you before getting the coveted “Leviathan’s Breath” and that is to just return to Banshie. He will redirect you once again to his workshop which by now you should know how to reach and that will be it. 

While yes it may not be the most exciting Exotic quest there is, and it might be a bit grindy, the weapon makes up for it. The real fun is using it as it is quite an enjoyable relic. It is definitely worth it to try it out and why not complete the quest, the only part you will have to invest time into is starting it. There is never a rush and you can grind out the requirements at your own pace.

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