How to get the Luna’s How and Not Forgotten


With the release of Forsaken, D2 has had a huge influx of weaponry to choose from. To old classics getting a much-needed revamp to an all new class of weaponry. But there is one gun many players don’t have or have even heard of. That gun is the Luna’s Howl.

The Luna’s Howl is a Hand Cannon a 180 RPM (a.k.a Rounds per minute) with an impact damage of 78, critical damage of 57, and body damage of 39. The perks that come standard on this beast of a hand cannon is: Drop Mag (which improves read speed but cuts the magazine size), Zen Moment (Causing damage with this weapon increases it stability), and Magnificent Howl (which is a special perk that when rapidly landing 2 heats shots, in a short amount of time, grants bonus damage).

Now this gun cannot be obtained by random loot drop or reaching a certain rank in Crucible. To start the quest for the gun, head over to Shaxx in the tower and look for the bounty named Shock and Denial. This quest line will require the player to:

·         Complete 10 Crucible matches in the competitive playlist.

·         Defeat 150 opponents with hand cannons during competitive Crucible matches.

·         Solar final blows in competitive Crucible games.

·         Complete Crucible matches in the Rumble Playlist

·         Get 200 precision final blows from hand cannons during competitive Crucible matches.

·         Reach the Glory rank Fabled

·         Then return to Lord Shaxx in the tower.

This quest line is like the quest for Redrix’s Claymore, the Crucible pulse rifle, but with harder steps. Well this is because the Redrix’s Claymore focuses more of the quick play side of Crucible, Luna’s Howl is completely centered around competitive. So, it is going to take longer and be harder to complete the quest steps. Once players get the Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon, a new quest line, called Keepsake, is added to the players inventory.

This quest line has less steps to it than Shock and Denial. It is composed of three challenges: Hope, Always Faithful, and Not Forgotten. The first challenge requires the player to us the Luna’s Howl to defeat opponents in competitive matches. The second challenge has the player reach the Glory Rank of Legend. The final challenge is to simply return to Lord Shaxx. This nets you the hand cannon called Not Forgotten. Which is the upgraded version of the Luna’s Howl, which adds more range to the hand cannon.

Luna’s Howl is a very hard gun to get, epically if you are the type of player that does not spend their time in Crucible. This gun is worth the grind. It is powerful, accurate, and all-around great hand cannon.  For most players it is going to be hard to get this gun. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and time that players might not have. If it does get too much or just do not have the time to put into the quest, please visit our D2 Boosting tab for more options.

Some tips that will help:

·         Breath and take your time. It will not help if you are freaking out about landing the next kill.

·         Do not stop trying. Any match you will start will give you progress from completing the next step.

·         Do not try to finish it in one sitting. The quest line will take you more than one play session to complete unless you are a seasoned Crucible player.

·         Keep your aim high. Most players have their reticle at or a tiny bit below the horizon. Having your aim higher will help line up headshots quicker and will help land body shots quicker.

·         The Ace of Spades, the Sun Shot, or the Trust will help this quest line go faster. The Sun Shot and the Trust are some of the best solar type hand cannons in the game and the Ace of Spades is just a killing machine.

Hopefully these tips help you get through the quest line quicker. It is a lot to try and get through, but the reward is definitely worth it. The Luna’s Howl is one of the best hand cannons, even its base form. The upgraded version of this hand cannon is even better. The Not Forgotten is the perfect hand cannon for players that can either play from a distance or like to get up close and personal with the enemy. If at any point you need help getting the Luna’s Howl or the Not Forgotten, please visit our D2 PvP Boosting tab for our boosting packages. Eyes up Guardians and be brave.