How long did it take you to beat D2?


How long did it take you to beat D2

Today we will be taking a look into an interesting topic that does not have a definitive answer but we shall still try our best to give you an answer. The difficulty of answering this comes from the fact that D2 is a game filled to the brim with amazingly interesting and different things and activities. To start off there are currently 3 expansions with a 4th on the way. Inside them there are as well as story missions also various side activities that require quite a bit of time to grind out. Especially the ones that award you with amazingly powerful guns and armor take quite some time.  Currently there are quite a lot of story missions that you can play if you purchase all of the expansions. The currently released main missions are:


D2 base campaign

For the base D2 campaign we can expect to finish all of the story missions for about 8-10 hours depending on your playstyle and even less if you decide to rush through all the enemies. But if you want to experience everything there is in the base campaign especially PVP you can expect a solid 30 hours of gameplay before it becomes stale and repetitive but then of course you can move on to the expansions and get even more out of the game we all love.

-Earth: Homecoming 

-EDZ: Adieu 

-EDZ: Spark

-EDZ: Combustion 

-Titan: Hope 

-Titan: Riptide 

-Titan: Utopia 

-Nessus: Looped

-Nessus: Six 

-Io: Sacrilege

-Io: Fury 

-EDZ: Payback 

-EDZ: Unbroken 

-EDZ: Larceny 

-The Almighty: 1AU 

-Earth: Chosen  

Curse of Osiris

The first expansion released for the D2 game takes around 3 hours to complete all of the main story missions. While it may not seem like a lot Bungie did try to make these couple of hours as exciting and action packed as possible. Here in order to complete everything as well as the extra missions and everything else newly introduced take around 8 hours if you play leisurely.

-Mercury: The Gateway

-EDZ: A Deadly Trial

-Mercury: Beyond Infinity

-Io: Deep Storage

-Mercury: Tree of Probabilities

-Nessus: Hijacked

-Mercury: A Garden World

-Mercury: Omega


By playing only the story missions it will take around 4 hours of casual gameplay. However here we have a lot of other things to look at like the horde mode-style Escalation Protocol. As well as new strikes and a new Raid including a raised level cap it add a lot more hours of play compared to only the story missions.

-Mars: Ice and Shadow

-Mars: Pilgrimage

-EDZ: Off-World Recovery

-Mars: Strange Terrain

-Mars: Will of the Thousands


For the D2 Forsaken expansion the main story quests can be beaten for around 8 hours while if you want to complete the side quests and newly introduced raid you will need around 23 hours approximately, all that of course depends on whether you rush the game.

-Tangled Shore: Last Call

-Tangled Shore: High Plains Blues

-Tangled Shore: Scorned

-Tangled Shore: The Rider 

-Tangled Shore: The Trickster

-Tangled Shore: The Mad Bomber

-Tangled Shore: The Hangman

-Tangled Shore: The Mindbender

-Tangled Shore: The Rifleman

-Tangled Shore: The Machinist

-Tangled Shore: Nothing Left to Say


As you can see the game has a lot of gameplay hours to offer us players even more than the original D2, be it for those of us that are interested in the amazing story or even for other players that enjoy the PVP as the gunplay mechanics in this game are amazingly good. The overall answer to the question how long does it take to beat the game is approximately 23-25 hours. But is that actually beating the game is the next question that can be asked? D2 including all of its expansions offer an incredibly vast gaming experience as there is so much more to do compared to just beating the story missions. You can immerse yourself in the PVP aspect of the game which can add even hundreds of more hours of gameplay as there are some people that only play PVP and have made quite a bit of hours in the game. 

As well as for those completionists out there that will want to acquire every gun and piece of armor or complete every single story and side story to the game. There is so much to do that it cannot be compressed in a single timeframe as imagine D2 being an ever evolving world that always has something to do inside of it. So sadly we are unable to give you the exact answer of how long it will take to beat the game as there is actually no such answer at all.

What we can do here is to provide you some tips for the game overall as they might help you in enjoying it even more and finding what you were missing and possibly even extend your gameplay. A key thing to know and try to do is to never play alone as that can get a bit tiresome at times. Always try to form a Fireteam and join a clan. If you are interested in more PVP orientated gameplay then the Crucible is the place for you where most people spend their time in the game. While if you enjoy the PVE aspect of the game there is always Raids with six other players where you will have to face incredibly tough challenges in order to progress to the final boss. Try to join a Clan or create one if you wish but by being in a clan you will be able to earn extra experience when playing with clanmates and you will also receive Legendary loot for completing certain events each week. Something else you should never forget to do is to mod your gear as that is incredibly important in improving it. Be careful not to lag too much behind your friends as it will take a bit of time to reach them if they constantly grind. 

D2 is also packed with so much stuff you can do except the Crucible and Raids in Deven the Solstice of Heroes. You can find most of these other activities within Patrol areas which are packed with things to do. For example you can find Lost Sectors, undertake challenging and fun side missions and even participate in Public Events and quests for Exotic Weapons.  By doing this is one of the ways to get the most loot you can as you are able to fast travel to locations which have such events and farm up what you were missing. By doing this you can also meet quite a lot of new people. Try to interact with them as you will be quite pleasantly surprised that the community is quite welcoming and will help you with whatever you need and you might even find a friend there. 

If you are also interested in leveling up quickly always do the Campaign missions as they provide the most XP to players and you will also acquire quite interesting equipment from them which is quite good for D2 players. Also if you are interested in other ways of collecting gear, the Crucible is the place to be. The reason for that is after reach match there is a chance for you to be rewarded with Rare, Legendary or Exotic Gear. Also you receive crucible tokens per match which increase your reputation with Lord Shaxx who can provide you with various rewards that are definitely worth the grind. When playing in the Crucible always try to find the best guns that match your PVP playstyle. Here power level is of no importance as they are all the same but that doesn’t mean that the weapons don’t keep their traits. Even if you don’t have a weapon with amazing traits but you feel that it matches you, don’t be that concerned regarding its lack of traits and play with what you perform the best.

Before we start talking about what we can do for you and how to help you with the game we hope that this information for you was interesting as well as helpful. This game is so massive that we can talk all day and night about it and still won’t even reach half of the things we want to say. That is why hopefully this crunched up information can help you find what you were missing out on when playing and hopefully try it out.

Now all we have left to talk about is how we can help you with almost everything in the game

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