New D2 model shift



New D2 model shift

The developers at Bungie have announced something quite interesting regarding the new expansion that is coming out. This is going to be the first one without their former publishing partner “Activision” and the name is quite catchy - “Shadowkeep”. The D2 expansion will bring us back to the ever enticing and interesting Moon that the original Dplayers are quite familiar to say the least. 

And an old friend by the name Eris Morn will be making a comeback and will be pivotal to the story! You might remember her as the Hunter who is a member of the Hidden and as well as being that she is an expert on Hive lore. She guided us as some of you might remember down the path to Crota’s destruction and helped us defeat Oryx. That was our last direct interaction with her before she left to investigate and gather more information regarding future Hive threats. Now enough with the story and let’s get into the interesting new way that they will introduce it!

For starters since this is their first standalone major expansion without their former partner, you will not be required to have purchased all of the old ones in order to play it. There is also something incredibly interesting about it as it will have a special payment model for it. In short you will only pay for whatever you want from the expansion. We have seen the developers experiment with the Season Pass but with the “Shadowkeep” they even go a step further where you can get only specific parts of it for lower prices. Let us dive a bit deeper into some of the “drama” around Activision and Bungie as that affects us greatly. 

Not only are they releasing the new expansion by themselves but they will also be splitting from which might seem scary to the PC community but it won’t be that bad. They will start distributing the PC version of the game through Valve instead on their platform “Steam”. Worry not though, we will be able to migrate all of our progress to Steam when the “Shadowkeep” expansion launches this September the 17th. We shall see what lies in the future when the game starts moving to Steam!

There is also a big new announcement and that is the New Light version of D2

Overall D2 New light it is a free-to-play model of the game and as stated by the developers it will contain all of the foundational modes, activities and even the rewards that we are already used to as paying customers. While this raises quite a bit of speculation what they mean by that. Some of us think that this will include all of the past expansions and the annual pass content but there is still more time before they provide us with definitive answers if this will be what we expect or only the base game to get us hyped.

Something else that was announced was the cross-saves for D2

Most simply said, this will allow us to keep character progress across all of the available platforms, them being PS4, Box One, PC and Google Stadia. This might solve the progressions issue that some players have but keep in mind that this does not mean that console players will be able to play with or against PC players.

“Shadowkeep” was expected to be the final expansion for the game and presumably a new game after it. But now this might not happen as the split made quite a few changes to the already established roadmap for the Dseries. This means that now with the new expansion that is coming we will see quite a lot of new changes to the Dfranchise and might even become a perpetually updated game with no next installment but that is just a speculation so we will see in the future. 

Overall according to statements that the developers at Bungie release periodically it kind of sounds like the game is turning more and more like an MMO. If that becomes the case we might expect to see D2 more and more in the future. 

The whole lifecycle of D2 has been filled with ups and downs for the game

Ever since its release to major critical acclaim the developers have been struggling to keep up with everyone’s expectations. The reason for that is the lack of attention to the competitive scene, the smaller raids and the overly tedious grind that we are forced to do just to say that there is end game content. 

While this was the case up until now according to all the amazing statements made by Bungie the new expansion “Shadowkeep” will change all that drastically. We just might see the game we all love turn into what the developers wanted since the beginning. That is a “Live Service Game” just like an MMO and a constantly evolving world. But in the end we shall experience the expansion quite soon and will be find out much more stuff, the closer we get to launch!

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