Scourge of the past raid guide, loot table and more.


Scourge of the past raid detailed guide,loot table and all information you need to know about every encounter. 

Loot breakdown:

Scourge of the Past: Loot and Rewards

Armor Sets:


Bladesmith's Memory Mask, Vest, Grips, Strides and Cloak.


Bulletsmith's Ire Helm, Plate, Gauntlets, Greaves and Mark.


Gunsmith's Devotion Crown, Robes, Gloves, Boots and Bond.

Weapon Drops:

Anarchy - Exotic Grenade Launcher

Tempered Dynamo - Legendary Fusion Rifle

Threat Level - Legendary Shotgun

No Feelings - Legendary Scout Rifle

Bellowing Giant - Legendary Giant Rocket Launcher

Cosmetic Drops:


Always on Time - Exotic Sparrow (found in a secret chest after the sparrow area)


Encounter 1

At the start of the raid, players must scale buildings and move towards the center of the city. The raid group will come across a Berserker. If the players get too close and he has a shield that debuf those players, but it also exposes weak spots on his chest and back. Players will shoot each spot. The shield goes down and is open for an attack. Shotguns and heavy machine guns are helpful if this part.

The berserker will drop radiant batteries, pick up these spheres and place them in nearby device. Looking at the map. Players are marked in yellow. There are four green locations with dots above them. The dots tell where players need to go. The player who is looking over the map will also see a red icon with a sphere above it. That's the location of the next Berserker.

Two players need to stay by the map and watch it while defending from enemies. The other four players should go after the marked Berserker. Once the players kill the marked Berserker it drops two orbs. Each player picks one up. Players will receive a debuf will not allow players to pick up an orb until that debuf is done.


Encounter 2

After the last battery is inserted, a hole will open up. This hole will take the group of players to the tunnels. Keep going till the players reach the room that leads to a room with a massive door. That's where the players need to go to reach the next encounter. At this point you'll see two terminals that open blast doors.

Two players must approach the terminals and need to melee both consoles at the same time. This triggers the next encounter. When that happens, Two blast doors open. All players need to make their way through it as fast as possible on a Sparrow.

A Giant flaming boss will be chasing you through the path. Falling behind the pack means instant death. Players need to outrun the boss, so stay low and stay fast. Some of the players will probably die, but only two players need to survive to move forward. Those two players must hit the two consoles at the same time at the end of the route to end the encounter.


Encounter 3

After the door closes, and the players enter a new area with pillars and caves. Players will have to jump on the pipes and use them to make their way through the caves. Players will eventually come to this huge opening. The players will have to jump down, go up through the caves, and then they will come to a large doorway that leads up to an armory. This is armory will take players to the next encounter.

Players will arrive in an arena type area and will have a boss spawn in the center. The boss is unable to take damage by normal weaponry. Players need to spawn tanks to kill it.

To spawn these tanks, look for yellow-bar enemies in the back middle of the arena. Near these enemies see four electrified holes in the ground near large buildings. Killing the yellow bar disables the electricity and lets you in. 

Four players will go into the underground ring that's now accessible. Split off into pairs of two. Players will need to look for generators. One person in each pair will melees the generator to collect the charge. The circle is the Continuous Charge, the triangle is the Angular Charge and the square is the Parallel Charge. Don't melee the red consoles with glitchy symbols or the player will die. Getting the charge creates a circle around each duo. Players need to stay far enough away from each other. If not, players will get a debuf called tether and start hurting each other.

Once the players get the charges, players need to get two of the same one. To do that, the teammates not in the tunnels have to kill another Servitor. That will reset the consoles and let you get another. While one player gets the charge, their partner should be on add control.

Once each of pair has a charge pair, the teammates at the top need to kill another Servitor. Deal with that, then the two charge holders need to spawn tanks at the specific spots shown below. These are large, flat pads with a console to place the charge. There are spawn points for the tanks are in the corners of the map.

Once the tanks start to hit the boss, missles will rain down on you from red beams. The tanks need to keep moving to avoid them. When the tank health goes down, take one final shot and get out of it. Repeat until done.


Encounter 4

The final boss fight takes place in the same arena. To start it, players need to take out the orb-carrying Berserker. The person who is going to man the map needs to grab the first orb. Take it to the device near the entrance of the man and put it in. This spawns another map and works like it did before in the first part of the raid. Two players must stay in the map area and command the rest of the team. Once the player places the first charge, a new Berserker location appears on the map. The rest of the team go kill the Marauders first then kill the Berserker with the same strategy from before.

The Berserker will drop two charges which need to be dropped at the matching dot locations. It seems easiest to organize if the process is handled one orb at a time. The drop locations are where the tank spawn. Players will need to do this four times to spawn the tanks. Start damaging the boss with tanks as soon as possible. If its shields are down, he'll open his stomach and send out a Servitor. This is the DPS phase. Watch out for the EMP blast. When that goes off, players will receive either a Continuous, Angular or Parallel Charge. To maximize damage, shoot the symbol that matches your charge. You need to shoot alongside the other person with your charge while also staying away from other teammates to avoid a debuff. With the right weapon set up you can one phase it.

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