Season of Opulence chalice guide


Season of Opulence chalice guide

Today we will be taking a look at the auspicious gift from Emperor Calus to us Guardians with which our strength grows. First off we will start by talking about some of the Runes that can come from almost any matchmade activity. By using the Runefinder tool from Benedict 99-40 in the Tower or Werner 99-40 on the barge of Nessus you will increase your odds for a couple of hours and keep in mind that afterwards the best place to farm runes is from Calus treasure chests. They can be found on a weekly basis, from completing Benedict and Werner’s bounties, each week you have access to four. 

Overall as long as you are running a Runefinder you will be able to get whatever runes you need

In D2 season of Opulence there when you open the chest there are 12 different kinds of Runes with four different colors rarities each which create chalice of Opulence combinations. You always start off with purple only unlocked and you will have to buy Rune Compatibility upgrades in order to unlock red, green and blue ones. Keep in mind that if you don’t have the upgrades higher rarity runes won’t even be possible to drop. 

The runes are the following:

  • Purple

  1. Rune of Joy - Class armor

  2. Rune of the Beast - Submachine guns

  3. Rune of Jubilation - Sniper rifles

  • Red

  1. Rune of Cunning - Gauntlet armor

  2. Rune of Gluttony - Boot armor

  3. Rune of Ambition - Power weapons

  • Green

  1. Rune of War - Helmet Armor

  2. Rune of Desire - Hand cannons

  3. Rune of Pride - Sidearms

  • Blue

  1. Rune of Pleasure - Chest armor

  2. Rune of Excess - Fusion rifles

  3. Rune of Wealth – Shotguns

The chalice also introduces a new currency to the game, Imperials this currency is used to purchase upgrades for this amazing item. Despite having three rune slots on it, you will be starting off with only one unlocked and buy the other two with the aforementioned currency. The first chalice slot determines what kind of items you will get when completing the Menagerie and open the final chest which includes 500 imperials. Keep in mind that with only one Rune in place the item you will get will be a random selection between four of its type. For example if you have a Rune of Jubilation in slot 1 and nothing in slot 2 you will get a random Sniper Rifle from a pool of four. 

So if you are looking for a specific weapon from the pool you will have to add another rune in slot 2

In slot 2 it is determined what exact weapon you will get from the pool. For example if you put a rune of Jubilation in slot 1 and want the Beloved sniper you will have to put any red rune in slot 2 and you will get beloved with random perks. Up next is the chalice slot 3 which determines a Masterwork bonus of your choosing, which is another way to customize your drop. 

Keep in mind that each color of rune comes with a specific stat. Let’s go back again to the Beloved sniper rifle. If you use the previously mentioned examples and in slot 3 you put a purple Rune you will get the Beloved with random perks and a guaranteed Handling Masterwork. Up next we will take a look at the available recipes so that you can get the weapon you need from this new expansion. 


To start things off we are going to be looking at the ‘’Austringer’’ which is a kinetic hand cannon, the recipe requires having the Rune of Desire in slot 1 and in slot 2 any red Rune. The previously mentioned Beloved sniper rifle is built from the Rune of Jubilation and with any red Rune. The ‘’Calus Mini Tool’’ is the submachine gun of the bunch, built from the Rune of Beast and with any purple rune. 

The ‘’Drang’’ which boasts power and efficiency is the sidearm being built from the Rune of Pride and with any purple Rune. The rune of Ambition in combo with any blue Rune brings up the machine gun ‘’Fixed Odds’’. Having the Rune of Wealth and any green Rune brings up the colorfully named shotgun ‘’Imperial Decree’’. Lastly, we have the rifle ‘’Epicurean’’ and with the Rune of Excess and well as any green Rune, you can get your hands on him. This finishes off what you can craft from the chalice in terms of the new weapons that have been added, but the old ones have received some love and have gotten respected recipes of their own.

In terms of the preexisting submachine guns, every single one in slot 1 has the Rune of the Beast and depending on what you place in slot 2 you get something different.

  • Rune of the Beast + any Red Rune = ‘’Trackless Waste’’

  • Rune of the Beast + any Green Rune = ‘’Hard Truths’’

  • Rune of the Beast + any Blue Rune = ‘’’Bad Reputation’’

For the Rifles the Rune of Jubilation is the way to go and again it is present in all of them.

  • Rune of Jubilation + any Purple Rune = ‘’Twilight Oath’’

  • Rune of Jubilation + any Green Rune = ‘’Fate Cries Foul’’

  • Rune of Jubilation + any Blue Rune = ‘’Dreaded Venture’’

Rune of Ambition is what you are going to need in every single Rocket Launcher if you wish to build them.

  • Rune of Ambition + any Purple Rune = ‘’Bad Omens’’

  • Rune of Ambition + any Red Rune = ‘’Zenobia-D’’

  • Rune of Ambition + any Green Rune = ‘’Sleepless’’

Mixing certain rune colors with the Rune of Desire gets you the Hand Cannons.

  • Rune of Desire + any Purple Rune = ‘’Trust’’

  • Rune of Desire + any Green Rune = ‘’Waking Vigil’’

  • Rune of Desire + any Blue Rune = ‘’Pribina-D’’

Pride is what you are going to feel in your sidearms if you mix the Rune of Pride with these colors.

  • - Rune of Pride + any Red Rune = ‘’The Last Dance’’

  • - Rune of Pride + any Green Rune = ‘’Anonymous Autumn’’

  • - Rune of Pride + any Blue Rune = ‘’Smuggler’s Word’’

The Rifles are not in excess here, but the Rune of Excess sure does the job right.

  • Rune of Excess + any Purple Rune = ‘’Proelium FR3’’

  • Rune of Excess + any Red Rune = ‘’Main Ingredient’’

  • Rune of Excess + any Blue Rune = ‘’Erentil FR4’’

Shotguns are considered to be a sign of wealth and the Rune of Wealth brings them forward.

  • Rune of Wealth + any Purple Rune = ‘’Badlander’’

  • Rune of Wealth + any Red Rune = ‘’Parcel of Stardust’’

  • Rune of Wealth + any Blue Rune = ‘’ Dust Rock Blues’’

The armors are not forgotten, although how they work is a little different. All runes that cover all the pieces of armor were covered at the start of this article, so we are just to cover what mixing them up does. In order to receive a specific set, it is crucial what colours you use.

  • any Purple Rune – Tangled Web Set

  • any Red Rune – Exodus Down Set

  • any Green Rune – Reverie Dawn Set

  • any Blue Rune – Opulent Set

Furthermore, depending on what Rune you put in the second slot, that grants you different bonuses. 

  • Tangled Web – Rune of Joy (Mobility); Rune of the Beast (Recovery); Rune of Jubilation (Resilience)

  • Exodus Down – Rune of Cunning (Mobility); Rune of Gluttony (Recovery); Rune of Ambition (Resilience)

  • Reverie Dawn – Rune of War (Mobility); Rune of Desire (Recovery); Rune of Pride (Resilience)

  • Opulent – Rune of Pleasure (Mobility); Rune of Excess (Recovery); Rune of Wealth (Resilience)

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