Shuro Chi the Corrupted guide


Shuro Chi the Corrupted detailed strategy guide



This guide, brought to you by D2 raid boosting, is the second encounter of the Last Wish raid. This entire encounter is ran on a timer, focusing massive ammounts of ad clear, followed by a brief DPS check on the boss then finally into a puzzle room.

To start out this encounter guide, the D2 boosting experts bring you their own personal opinion of maximizing your encounter timer. Gathering at the large door, it opens to reveal the boss (Which is shielded and immune, thowing a couple knockback attacks into the group) you find your first massive set of taken to kill. Make quick work of them with grenade and supers then move on to the next set. As you work your way through the encounter you will always see the blight transmat effect signaling the next wave of baddies. On the final waves you will find yourself a couple taken knights and an "eye of riven". Drop the riven quick and it will leave behind a "taken essence orb". Now, this orb has but one single purpose in this encounter, to interrupt the boss during her chanting phase that will result in a group wipe if not stopped.

Around the boss, you will find 3 platforms in a triangle formation. Dictate the 3 players will will simeltaniously hop onto these platforms picking up the "crystals" (not to be confused with the taken orb) and immediately shoot the player to their right connecting a triangle with the light beams until the bosses shield drops. Now comes your DPS check.

The players will stack on top of the boss laying into her with shotguns, heavyweapons or whatever buffs and supers you feel most comfortable with, in single target combat. You will notice the various sections of yellow/orange health bar at the bottom of the screen. You will only be able to do enough damage to deplete just one of these bars before moving onto the next section of the encounter, the puzzle room.

If you fail to deplete this health bar quick enough by doing enough DPS, a player will pick up the taken essence orb and fire a well place "super" (just use it like you're firing your own super" into her face and it will stop her from chanting and then wiping. Then its business as usual and back to the DPS.

Once the health bar is depleted, its a mad dash into the next room to start the puzzle part of this encounter. In this room, once the mob is cleared, you will need 4 players assigned to take "plates" and 2 players assigned to kill anything that spawns and may interfere with your puzzle progression.

You will see 9 plates in the middle of this room corresponding to three gree, circle pictures on each of the 3 walls. As you enter this room, the encounter will start with the imagine of your left wall. Shifting your camera angle to face this wall, this will be the angle you number/call out the platers order.

The picture will be split into 9 sections, as you have 9 plates. Only it will not be a complete picture you look at. This image will have "pieces missing" letting the players know which plates you need to stand on to complete this picture. You will hear many set ups for how to complete this puzzle but in the world of D2 boost, we assure you its alot more simple than it may appear.

Simply take a quick glance at the picture as a group, then quickly stand next to a plate that corresponds to a missing piece. A top left, or a top right, middle middle or the left middle plate/piece maybe? All players must jump and stand on these 4 plates at the same time, because you will take a damage tic as you stand on the plate. So coordination is key here. Also, if you accidentaly bump into (stand so close you touch the plate) you can "activate it" and lose that plate for that person. Causing the team of 4 puzzle conquerers to rotate positions as you can only stand on each plate once per player per puzzle.

Once all 4 players have filled in the missing pieces by activating the plates, "code accepted" will appear in your hud, signaling to start the second and third puzzle. Again, turn to your right to face the wall the next puzzle is on and this will be the focus of this puzzle setup. So what once was your top right plate, is now your top left. A simple rinse and repeat of the first puzzle 2 times and all 3 have been completed allowing you to platform up to the next part of the encounter, via the half circle platfrms that spawn above you. (Keep in mind, that once a player touches each platform it begins the tumble and rotates a 360 tossing the next player off of it. So keep close and jump quick to maximize your encounter timer)

This path will lead you to another DPS check after a massive mob clear, followed by another puzzle of the exact same method as before, leading to the platforms up to the next and final floor. On this final floor you're now running low on time as you can no longer do a puzzle to replenish the timer, so your DPS and mob clear needs to be on point and in a hurry. After slapping around Shuro Chi twice more on this floor, you have successfully completed the second encounter of this raid.