Upcoming Changes in April



D2 general information and updates for April.

Today we will look at some leaks regarding the new updates in April as well as some other interesting things.

Let us start off with the news about penumbra and the new season of opulence as well as some of the new content we are going to be getting including the return of exotic weapons and some other possible D2 leaks coming our way.

As far as we know the only ones that are announced like Rose, Hawkmoon and Dark Drinker will be returning to the game. Most likely you already know, but a quick reminder – Dark Drinker was the all-powerful exotic sword with the most damage we’ve ever had on D2. These three weapons will most likely all come back in the next season, but it’s also interesting that this season we are getting one new exotic with the name “Arbalest”. That and Thorn are most likely linked with the upcoming event.

The new game mode will be featuring six players in a match. Just like Joker’s Wild had “Mamba”, Penumbra has “Dragonslayer” for its pinnacle activity. It will be a puzzle solving event with wave based combat in an “escape room” kind of way.

Now let’s look at April’s updates and changes. The April event is planned to arrive on the 9th of April alongside the Ark week- a new event we don’t have a ton of Intel for now. There will be some interesting new things introduced inside of this update. Nova wrap was mentioned to be getting some fixes and adjustments including most likely some kind of a buff.

Next up is Xur, the weekly Exotic merchant. This week he appears in the tower. You can find him on some stairs hanging around in the back of the Hangar. This week his inventory has the following merch: Sunshot the exotic hand cannon, Foetracer, Helm of Saint-14, Sunbracers, Isochronal Engram and invitation quest. The following items are quite interesting if you want to take a look at them.

Sunshot is an exotic hand cannon that does solar damage. It’s one of the exotics you can choose on Io, while playing the campaign.  Sunburn is his first perk which allows the weapon to highlight enemies that take damage. His second perk is Sun Blast which causes enemies killed by Sunshot to explode, this is extremely useful for pvp as it can take down smaller enemies in groups with one well-placed shot.

Foetracer is one of the best exotics for PvP. Its perk Relentless Tracker will automatically track enemies through walls as well as dealing additional damage to low health enemies. Every decent Hunter should have this helmet.

Helm of Saint-14 is a rare exotic, making return from D1. Its perk Starless Night makes your Ward of Dawn blind your enemies. Helm of Saint-14 is good for some situations, but you wouldn’t want to wear it all of the time.

Sunbracers are powerful Warlock exotics for the Solar subclass. Their exotic perk is Helium Spirals which increases the duration of solar grenades. Melee kills also grant unlimited solar grenades for a short period of time. The gauntlets are fun to use and very useful in wave-based modes like the upcoming Dragonslayer one so try your best to get ahold of them.

The Invitation is a start for the quest of Nine. This week, Xur offers The High Priestess which will cost you nine Legendary Shards. In this quest, the Nine wants you to kill Fallen, Vex and Cabal on Nessus. You will need to collect samples they drop on death – nine from each race. You will also need to complete the Inverted Spire Strike. When the Strike is over, pick a race for you to go after. When you’ve collected the nine samples for each and beaten the strike you shall get a new invitation form the Nine. You will get powerful gear if you eavesdrop on the Nine’s conversation and learn about their plans for Mara. Select The Reckoning in the Gambit menu to complete your new quest.

If you are wondering how to boost your power level in the Season of the Drifter to 640, there is a new way for that. Completing all bounties will grant you that needed power level. Head to the Tower and in the Annex, you will find the Drifter in his new HQ. He will have four new challenges called Power Surge Bounties, each requiring completing of two specific tasks. In return for that you will be granted two pieces of 640 gear which will be helpful for players that are just starting off or returning so they are a bit behind.

Inner System Tour requires you to complete two public events and 3 destination bounties which you can find at planetary vendors. For the Fireteam Up, you will have to slay 50 enemies in the Strike and complete the Strike. In the “I’ll make you richer” bounty, you have to send 5 blockers in gambit and complete a Gambit match. The last bounty is called Tactical Refresher. For the completion of this final bounty, you will be ordered to kill 10 guardians and complete a Crucible match. The bounties are easy to do and will take not more than 2 hours. There are no power level requirements for the bounty, but you have to be at least level 50 to accept them.  So we recommend you go ahead and do them as they reward you with good stuff and are quite easy to do.

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