What are all the D2 story missions in order?



What are all the D2 story missions in order?

D2 is a game with an incredible lore behind it and today we will take a look at all the missions for those of you interested in the Dworld. First off we shall start with the base game and continue from there to all the current expansions.

We will list them all out in a consecutive order and give out a bit of information behind them, they are the following for the base game:

  1. Earth – Homecoming: This is the first mission you get while first launch the original D2 game and this  missions is one of the best in the game as its job is to show off almost everything you could experience. It draws you in with lots of explosions, bright lights and lots of fighting. While it may be a bit straightforward keep in mind that here they try to show you how to play and it works as something like a long tutorial to hype you for what comes next.

  2. EDZ – Adieu: This is the follow up mission of the game and it tries to deliver more of the same but still introduces some new stuff for the player. Here you realize how everything you have is destroyed and the helpless feeling overwhelms you. Your light is stolen and everything you know has been obliterated and you don’t even have a ghost for a companion. This mission overall is here to set the depressing mood and lust for vengeance against the enemy.

  3. EDZ – Spark: After narrowly escaping the clutches of the Cabal, the quest to get your light back is on, and the fallen piece of the Follower is the key to getting it back.

  4. EDZ – Combustion: After getting your light back, there will be a requirement for you to continue and that is a mission given by Devrim Kay, who is located at the peak of the church. The quest will entail you exploring the European Dead Zone while he provides cover fire from the top of the church.

  5. Titan – Hope: After getting a taste of our first taste of a full story mission we continue to our first new planet in the game. Open up the director and fly off to Titan to face your enemies.

  6. Titan – Riptide: After fighting against the hive in the previous mission the real danger starts showing up. After the end cutscene of Hope finishes up you are immediately thrown in the action yet again.

  7. Titan – Utopia: After getting back the Titan arcology back up we have some secrets of the moon revealed to us by Zavala, Amanda and Sloane. And we then have to go and check them out and explore a bit.

  8. Nessus – Looped: When we completed all the missions on Titan we are reunited with Zavala and we have to find the other members of the fireteam. The first one on the list is Cayde-9.

  9. Nessus – Six: We put a lot of effort to help Cayde but it wasn’t quite enough and we still have some work to do. We will have to go to the Glade of Echoes for that reason.

  10. Io – Sacrilege: After getting Cayde-6 from his imprisonment, next up on the list is Ikora that is located on Io. And this mission is the introduction to this amazing planet.

  11. Io – Fury: After reuniting with Ikora, there are still quite a bit of problems that need to be solved on Io before we continue our adventure and our vengeance against our hated enemies.

  12. EDZ – Payback: This mission is something that might surprise you. Here you will have the ride of your life while destroying your enemies with an amazingly powerful sci-fi tank. Most of the mission you will have to enjoy vehicular combat while finally taking the fight to the Cabal.

  13. EDZ- Unbroken: After all the fun we had with our tank it’s time for some boss killing. Here you will have to assassinate Tumos the Unbroken and take over his personal shuttle.

  14. EDZ – Lacreny: This mission is a bit shorter but don’t let that discourage you as its still quite action packed. It functions as something of a cool off period before the upcoming climax that follows.

  15. The Amlighty – 1AU: Here you will have a moment to prepare before the epic conclusion of the base campaign that follows. This one includes parts of most of the missions you played previously. While it might not be very difficult it’s one of the most cinematic missions in the base campaign.

  16. Earth – Chosen: After destroying the doomsday weapon of the Cabal in the previous mission all that we are left to do is face the big bad guy of the story, Ghaul. Expect a bit more challenging mission with an incredibly fun boss battle to finish up this amazing story that we experienced up until this mission. You get an exotic weapon once you complete this mission.

And with Ghaul’s defeat we finish up the main story mode of the game and we will continue with the first expansion called “Curse of Osiris”. An interesting story with fun fights and beautiful scenery awaits us. 

There are 8 missions and they are the following:

  1. Mercury – The Gateway: This expansion introduces a lot of old and new locations that we can enjoy and play with our friends in. This mission takes place a little bit after the epic conclusion of the base campaign. Here you will fight a slightly easy boss at the end as he is really large, called Methodios. 

  2. EDZ – A Deadly Trial: After securing the lighthouse in Mercury, our next objective is to get back to our lovely Earth and wake up Osiris’ Ghost. 

  3. Mercury – Beyond Infinity:  And we are again headed to Mercury where we will have to open the gateway we found during the first mission.

  4. Io- Deep Storage: Now that we have found Osiris in the previous mission on Mercury, we have to speak with Ikora so that we can figure out how to stops the machinations of Panoptes.

  5. Mercury – Tree of Probabilities: After we got what we needed to know from Io’s pyramidion we are on our way back to Mercury yet again to find the map of the Infinite Forest.

  6. Nessus – Hijacked: After completing our objective and finding the map all he have to do is find someone to read it. That is why here we will have to hunt down a Vex Mind.

  7. Mercury – A Garden World: Now that we have everything we need to enter the Infinite Forest all that is left is hunt for Penoptes and take him out.

  8. Mercury – Omega: And after all the hard work we put in this expansion it’s time for the last mission. Here the game delivers again with an incredible boss fight against Panoptes. After we defeat the dreaded enemy the mission is complete as well as the campaign. You get an exotic weapon once you complete this mission.

With that we finish “Curse of Osiris” and we continue to the next expansion called “Warmind”. It might be a bit shorter but still it’s an impressive experience that you won’t forget. 

There are 5 mission and they are the following:

  1. Mars – Ice and Shadow: We are taken to Mars because a revived Hive army threatens the galaxy following the reappearance of Rasputin. And this missions starts it all off.

  2. Mars – Pilgrimage: We met an interesting character in the previous mission called Ana Bray and we have to help her out this new threat by doing some tasks for her.

  3. EDZ – Off-World Recovery: We take a little break from Mars as with the re-awakening of Warmind we have to take a quick trip to Earth, with the task of recovering a piece of the Traveler.

  4. Mars – Strange Terrain: After our reintroduction to the Traveller we go back to Mars, to search for the feeding grounds of Xol and wake him up.

  5. Mars – Will of the Thousands: Here we are at the last mission in which we have to stop Xol as we defeated his herald in the previous mission. The monster has started attacking Rasputin and we need to stop him. You get an exotic weapon once you complete this mission.

With that we are finished with the second expansion. All that is left for us to look at is the third and final one for now called “Forsaken”. This time we are introduced to a couple more new missions to undertake compared to “Warmind”. 

They are the following:

  1. Tangled Shore – Last Call: The expansion takes place on the Tangled Shore, a place you might know if you played the first game and explored The Reef. The whole expansion is set on the Tangled Shore so don’t expect to have missions on other familiar places. We begin this expansion with the first mission that comes with a bang, after watching the cinematic you are transported to the new Prison area.

  2. Tangled Shore – High Plains Blues: After the disaster that happened during the previous mission and Cayde-6 being gone for good, we are consumed by a need for Vengeance so we speak to Ikora at The Tower to begin the second quest.

  3. Tangled Shore – Scorned: We reclaimed Four-Horn Gulch during the previous mission, but before we continue with the third mission we will need to earn the trust of Spider, by completing five of his daily bounties. After that we will speak with him and Petra to begin.

  4. Tangled Shore – The Rider: After completing the tasks for the Spider we will have to defeat the eight barons, which can be done in any order but the one we will list is by far the easiest. That is why we will first start with the Rider.

  5. Tangled Shore – The Trickster: After we defeat the annoying Pike pilot Rider we will continue with The Trickster on our quest of vengeance.

  6. Tangled Shore – The Mad Bomber: After the death of Araskes the next one on our hit list is Kaniks the Mad Bomber. He is a bit of an annoying boss but once you get used to his attack pattern he will be a breaze.

  7. Tangled Shore – The Hangman: The following baron is called Reksis Vahn the Hangman, whom will taste our bullets and cease to exist.

  8. Tangled Shore – The Mindbender: With each baron we defeat we get closer and closer to the end of our vengeance. That is why we continue with the next target called Hiraks the Mindbender.

  9. Tangled Shore – The Rifleman: Before we get to the last one on our list we will have to take care Pirrha the Rifleman.

  10. Tangled Shore – The Machinist: After taking care of all the smaller bosses up next is the big bad Fanatic but before we get to him we will take down his right hand called the Machinist. To start this mission we will have to talk to Petra and Spider yet again.

  11. Tangled Shore – Nothing Left to Say: After defeating everyone that is close to the main boss the only thing we have to do is to take down Uldren to finally finish our quest of vengeance. This is the most challenging boss as of yet but still just try to remember his patterns and you won’t have much of an issue. You get an exotic weapon once you complete this mission. Also, after complete this mission, you will have access to the Dreaming city.

With that we finish off all the campaigns currently in the game. The lore we received was incredible and the gameplay memorable. 

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