What are the best hand cannons in D2?



What are the best hand cannons in D2?

Greetings Dplayers! Have you ever wondered which are the best hand cannons in D2? Well with this article we will talk about the top 10 cannons you can obtain in the game. Hand cannons became viable in the Forsaken expansion of the game for both the PvP and PvE with their range, the ability to three tap most Guardians and precision.

Under number 10 we have the PvE focused cannon, the Sunshot

It’s exotic perk sun burn fires explosive bullets and hit targets are highlighted. Whenever you get a kill with the Sunshot, the killed target will trigger an explosion, if the explosion kills another target, they will explode as well, making chain explosion, pretty cool, huh? 

The cons of it are that it takes an exotic slot and it is considered an exotic only in PvE with its 8 rounds, which means that you can only take 1 guardian at a time. It can be obtained in Xur’s shop if u didn’t get it after the completion of Sacrilege mission.

Number 9 in our list is the Crimson hand cannon

A mid-range hand cannon, with unique perk, Cruel Remedy, which makes you an invisible assassin in PvE. Precision kills refills it’s magazine and any kill with Crimson heals the owner of the hand cannon. Cons of this exotic weapon is it’s range. It will be hard to kill a long range target with the Crimson, so the gun is mainly focused with the PvE again. It can be obtained randomly from an Exotic Engram, which Xur might have in his store. 

Better Devils is the hand cannon we place under number 8

It is a solid pick cannon for both PvP and PvE modes of the game. With its slower paced fire, you might want to be the first to shoot in the fire fights. It might randomly drop when completing Crucible matches.

Number 7 in the list is for the Waking Vigil hand cannon

It is the Dire Promise of year 2 iteration. With its 150 rounds per minute, the hand cannon is in the sweet spot for that kind of weapon with fast shooting and accuracy. It might take time to farm the cannon, because of its random perk rolls. It can be found in the Dreaming City.

Under number 6 we have the powerful Trust

Trust is a fast shooting hand cannon with 180 rounds per minute, 9-12 bullets in the magazine, backing up the fast paced shooting. Just add a good perk roll and you’ll end up destroying you enemies. The only con of the weapon is its learning curve. It takes practice to master it, as its optimal time to kill is 1 second and 4 rounds – 2 headshots and 2 body shots. You can obtain it randomly from the end of a Gambit game or from the Drifter, by resetting for the fist time. 

Malfeasance is a great looking hand cannon with a great perk, that why we placed it under number 5. Explosive Shadows is causing an explosion every couple of landed shots and its magazine has 14 rounds, so it will be easy to trigger some explosions. We see 180 rounds per minute again, stability and Explosive Shadows is the mix that will leave your opponents surprised and dead.

Its perk Taken Predator is making it a PvE focused cannon, because it does more damage to Invaders in Gambit and Taken, which are missing in the Crucible.

We have placed the Ace of Spades cannon in fourth position on our list. The hand cannon can be used for both mid and long range fire fights and with perks like Firefly and Memento Mori the Ace of Spades can easily dominate PvE and PvP as well. Its range and stability is placing the gun right next to sniper rifles and its 13 rounds in the magazine could very well pack-a-punch. 

Now about the down sides – Ace of Spades is powerful at long range, but its lacking in closed quarter fire fights and with its 140 round per minute it gets out-gunned most of the time in closer range. You can obtain Ace of Spades by completing Caydes Wild quests and master the Hand Cannon weapon class.

Luna’s Howl is absolutely grind worthy. It could easily melt its owner’s opponents and with its perk Magnificent Howl, Luna’s Howl is great for PvE as well. The cannon’s perk will help you two shot an enemy Guardian. The gun is amazing, even Shaxx considers Luna’s Howl to be an amazing hand cannon if he is asked. You can get it by completing the “Shock and Denial” and Lord Shaxx himself you offer the gun to you. It’s down side is its range. It can be difficult activating Magnificent Howl at longer range and it can be out-gunned faster shooting weapons at closer range battles.

The Last Words hand cannon is our pick for number 2

It’s the answer to the shotgun meta. It is a great weapon for close range.  With its rapid fire and the ability to decimate its targets is making this hand cannon a total beast. With 225 RPM and fast reload time makes it smaller magazine size insignificant. The cannon has insane recoil pattern and it needs time to master it and I am talking about them console players. Complete “The Draw” quest and Last Words can be yours.

The number one on our list and the best hand cannon for any situation is Not Forgotten. It has the same perks as Luna’s How – Magnificent Howl and Zen Moment but with bigger range. It’s a great gun, but you need to master your headshots with it, if you don’t, you will end up out-gunned at closer ranges. Fast reloads, 10 rounds in the magazine and 150 rounds per minute is all you need to dominate opponents at long and mid ranges. Its perks Extended Barrel and Accurized Rounds will help you with the accuracy at longer ranges and Zen Moment will help you with the handling this OP Hand Cannon.

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